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Deshan's Bowls in Hand (GG1)


Deshan one day descended to the dining hall, bowls in hand. Xuefeng asked him,
“Where are you going with your bowls in hand, Old Teacher? The bell has not rung, and the drum has not sounded.” Deshan turned and went back to his room.

Xuefeng brought up this matter with Yantou. Yantou said, “Deshan, great as he is, does not yet know the last word.”

Hearing about this, Deshan sent for Yantou and asked, “Don’t you approve of this old monk?” Yantou whispered his meaning. Deshan said nothing.

Next day, when Deshan took the high seat before his assembly, his presentation was very different than usual. Yantou came to the front of the hall, rubbing his hands and laughing loudly, saying, “How delightful! Our Old Boss has got old of the last word. From now on, no one under heaven can outdo him!”

—Gateless Gate Case 13