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Dalong's Pure Everlasting Body (Ta Lung) (BCR82)


Someone asked Dalong, “The color body perishes. What is the pure everlasting body of reality?”
Dalong said, “Mountain flowers bloom like brocade, valley streams run deepest indigo.”

—Blue Cliff Record, Case 82

Text February 5, 2021

The Everlasting Body Runs Deepest Indigo: Meditation for Troubled Times

John Tarrant

It’s a very strong thing to be human, you can be subjected to all sorts of great forces. And sometimes you can win through, and sometimes you die. But we’re all of us doing that, all the time. So I was thinking about how good it is to love each other, to meet each other, and to make peace in our hearts. Sunday talk with John Tarrant, recorded June 14 2020.

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