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Buddha's Hand (MK16a)


How is my hand like the Buddha’s hand?
Playing guitar in the moonlight.

From Huanglong Huinan’s Three Turning Words:

a. How is my hand like the Buddha’s hand?
b. How is my leg like a donkey’s leg?
c. In the world of karma, everyone has a birthplace. What is yours?

—PZI MK Case 16, Gateless Gate 49, Entangling Vines 10


Article July 22, 2021

Surprises on the Way: Article by John Tarrant

John Tarrant

Meditation offers a path out of the burning house, without abandoning the promise and good-heartedness of being human. Practice is the last best hope of living up to that good-heartedness, the only thing that never hurts and usually helps. And even at the beginning of the meditation path, on a good day it’s exciting. It actually makes you happy.

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Text October 8, 2020

3 The Body of the Buddha – The Zenosaurus Course In Koans

John Tarrant

Zenosaurus Curriculum 3: How is my hand like Buddha’s hand? This koan asks us to let the whole of our being fall into it, to love without reservation the experience of being made of flesh.

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