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Yu the Doughnut Maker (MK75)


A woman called Yu worked in town making doughnuts. She used go up to visit the local Zen master and asked him lots of questions. He gave her the koan, “The true person has no rank.”
One day a beggar outside her shop was singing “If you haven’t heard the song, how can you find your way to the lake?” When she heard this, her heart and mind opened. She laughed she woke up, she understood.
Then she threw her doughnut pan onto the ground.
Her husband asked, “Have you gone crazy?”
She just answered, “This isn’t in your territory,” and ran up the hill to see her teacher, who, even from a distance, could tell that something had happened.
He asked, “Who is this true person of no rank?”

She immediately said, “There’s a woman of no rank with six arms and three heads, working furiously, smashing Flower Mountain in two with one blow. Her strength is like the ever-flowing water, which doesn’t care about the coming of spring.”

—PZI Miscellaneous Koans, Case 75

Misc November 27, 2017