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Zen and earth consciousness

Audio April 1, 2023

Zen Luminaries: Shamanic Bones, Dark Gates – with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Jon Joseph

Zen Luminary Earthlyn Manuel joins Jon Joseph in a conversation about lifelong practice in many traditions, including Zen. They talk about the importance of balancing dark and light, her oracle cards, teaching names, continuing work on behalf of children, upbringing in folk medicine, brief participation in plant medicine, and more. Includes readings from her books, The Shamanic Bones of Zen and Opening to Darkness. Recorded March 27, 2023.

86' 40"
Audio December 14, 2022

Zen Luminaries: Wild Mind, Wild Earth with David Hinton

Jon Joseph

Jon Joseph talks with poet and Chan/Zen scholar David Hinton about his book, Wild Mind, Wild Earth – Our Place in the Sixth Extinction. Hinton writes that we must rekindle our relationship to nature to avoid extinction, tracing Chan/Zen roots to the paleolithic/indigenous and Daoist concepts of ‘not born,’ or ‘no separation’ with the earth. Includes comments from John Tarrant and Allison Atwill.

87' 54"