Teacher - Suzuki

Audio November 3, 2020

Wash Your Bowls – Complete Session

Michelle Riddle

PZI Zen Online – Part of the Zen Tuesdays in October 2020. Zouzhou’s message to a novice: ‘Wash your Bowls’. A zendo plaque in Japan: ‘Look under your feet’. – focus on what is hidden in plain sight, right under you, obvious and overlooked. Like the migratory Golden Crowned Sparrows returning in fall. Ikkyu’s Attention! Attention! Attention! Complete session as recorded Oct. 20, 2020.

49' 6"
Audio September 16, 2020

What is Your Light? – with John Tarrant Roshi

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online – Hanging Lanterns at the Gate of the Autumn Temple: Orange skies, unhealthy air, apocalypse week in CA and the west. The old agreements are fragile—climate change a long gathering storm, fire a consequence. Having a practice—the simplest thing—a conversation with the vastness. Being lost is an opportunity, as old attitudes fall away. Don’t take yourself too seriously! “Each step along the way is of equal substance”—Hirada. Musicians: Amaryllis Fletcher, Cantor & Jordan McConnell, guitar. As recorded September 13 2020.

93' 27"