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Buddha's Story

Audio February 7, 2023

Great Silence at the Beginning: The Morning Star & The Immovable Seat

Allison Atwill

No management of the universe is necessary. Effort does not help. Buddha’s story starts with ‘everything’ achieved, and acknowledges the longing and sorrow that can not be assuaged by getting things. Buddha in awakening sits in the immovable seat at the center—all included—even Mara. Talk from January Sunday Zen, Part 3.

74' 29"
Audio December 14, 2020

Tea with Tathagata

Jon Joseph

PZI Zen Online: Jon Joseph Roshi invites us to have tea with Tathagata. As recorded Dec 7 2020.

32' 39"
Audio August 16, 2020

Guanyin’s Watery Nature in the Pavilion Under the August Moon with Tess Beasley

Tess Beasley

Audio: Guanyin in the Pavilion with Tess Beasley. Guanyin’s watery nature. Water: ‘the softest compound that can overwhelm the hardest’. Compassion dissolves and connects us. The ‘call and response’ of our relationship to Guanyin. A force greater than any striving. Like Buddha at the brink of starvation opening to the offering of milk. We can’t know how she will call us or what our response will be. The great intimacy & spaciousness of abiding nowhere together. She enters when we need a new path. Michael Wilding on flute, Jordan McConnell guitar, Amaryllis Fletcher, Cantor on violin. Aug.16 2020.

81' 56"
Audio August 12, 2020

Guanyin Touches the Earth – In the Pavilion Under the August Moon with Michelle Riddle Sensei

Michelle Riddle

Audio – PZI Zen Online – Guanyin in the Pavilion with Michelle Riddle Sensei -Touching earth as Guanyin. Falling – Layman Pang and his daughter Ling Zhao fall together. The subtle and varied flavor of Guanyin’s manifestations – her/his shape/form/gender shifting qualities. As recorded August 9 2020. Michael Wilding on flute, Jordan Guitar. Amaryllis Fletcher, violin.

92' 13"