Audio September 10, 2020

Excerpt: Awakening is Participation in Every Moment of life – Michelle Riddle Sensei

Michelle Riddle

PZI Zen Online- Audio excerpt – Compassion is receptive earth – it does not have one face, nor is it driving or pitying. It erupts within us. It allows barriers to fall and in that way it is the ground on which we stand, the heart and soul of awakening. As recorded August 9 2020.

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Audio July 10, 2020
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Audio May 12, 2020

Your Original Face – Awakening Experiences PZI Zen Online May 5

Allison Atwill

Audio: PZI Zen online Allison sits with Awakening. What is it? Awakening experience is outside of our control or will. It comes in a from a direction we don’t know about – a direction we have darkened. The sufficiency of the moment. Hakuin Ikkaku as a teacher and seeing into your essential nature. As recorded May 5, 2020.

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