Audio August 24, 2020

Guanyin’s Breath in the Pavilion Under the August Moon, with Sarah Bender Roshi

Sarah Bender

Audio: PZI Zen Online – Guanyin in the Pavilion Under the August Moon with Sarah Bender Roshi manifesting Guanyin as air with ‘Breath Sweeps Mind’ and the call and response we employ meeting her compassionate nature. Appropriate response is Guanyin’s territory. Fayan’s …’the fresh breeze that arises when the great burden is set down.’ Sarah presents her field notes on Guanyin as wind, breath, release, and the Sutra of Endless Life. Michael Wilding on flute, Ryan McCoy on 4 vows, vocals and guitar. As recorded August 23 2020

88' 48"
Audio August 8, 2020

Audio Excerpt: Guanyin In the Pavilion – Introduction Tess Beasley & Sara Bender Roshi

Sarah Bender, Tess Beasley

Audio Excerpt – An introduction to the many faces of the Goddess Guanyin with Tess Beasley & Sarah Bender Roshi. As recorded Aug 2, 2020.

9' 16"