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2016 Winter Sesshin

Audio December 4, 2019

Yes, She Knew What She was Doing!

Allison Atwill

That dog knew what she was doing when she ‘dogged’. Zhaozhou also says ‘Yes’, a dog has Buddha nature. Becoming a dog who knew what she was doing is encouraging. Maybe something isn’t wrong with the dog you are right now.

45' 52"
Audio December 4, 2019

The Dog Part of the Koan NO

John Tarrant

The dog part of the koan emerges from the resounding NO as a companion for the inner life. Humans and dogs have been companions for eons and are clearly in the fossil record from ancient times. Through this long relationship down through time, dogs have learned to relate and map us and our inner lives. What is our relationship to the natural world? Dogs help us remember there is no separation, as does meditation practice.

66' 15"
Audio December 4, 2019

Nobody Meets Buddha Nature

David Weinstein

Hating the koan ‘NO’! And the nature of limiting stories. What is the color of ‘NO’? Red, like stop signs. Always other possibilities…

47' 0"
Audio December 4, 2019

The Art & Craft of Koan Practice

John Tarrant

Often we chase out and look for things, but when things come toward us – that’s enlightenment. In retreat, time expands and the universe appears. The art and craft of koan practice – freeing the heart and mind.

59' 32"
Audio December 4, 2019

How to Meet What Happens

John Tarrant

In the beginning of things something always happened, a birth, a death, a famine, a war. Good and bad were entangled. In order to understand our lives and how to manage we’ve always made up stories. What does the mind do with things that happen to us – our attitudes and stances and more.

65' 56"
Audio December 4, 2019

The Space Between Yes & No

Jon Joseph

Investigating the place of unaming where life comes forward to meet us. It’s a place of risk and desire, play, brightness.

32' 49"