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Yunmen’s Medicine and Sickness Cure Each Other (BCR87)


Sickness and medicine are in accord with each other. The whole world is medicine. What am I?

—The Blue Cliff Record, Case 87

Audio April 29, 2021

Mowing the Grasses – April First Wise Foolishness

David Parks

David Parks Roshi of Blue Grass Zen in Kentucky enters spring with mowing the grasses and contemplating the weeds. PZI Zen Online. Dharma talk as recorded April 1, 2021.

27' 27"
Audio May 12, 2020
98' 53"
Audio April 30, 2020

The Whole World Is Medicine

Jon Joseph

PZI Zen Online: Jon welcomes far flung participants on zoom and remembers the original Earth Day walks and festivities and all comment on vast implications of Yunmen’s koan. As recorded April 27th.

83' 19"
Audio December 3, 2019
55' 22"
Audio November 27, 2017
38' 58"