The Woman at the Inn (MK32)

Audio January 31, 2022

Hakuin’s Praise Song for Meditation: 4 Teachers Part 4 of 4

Allison Atwill, Jesse Cardin, Michelle Riddle, Tess Beasley

4 PZI Teachers Explore Hakuin’s Praise Song for Meditation – Part 4, recorded January 30, 2022. Exquisite music for meditation from Michael Wilding & concludes with the Four Boundless Vows sung acapella by Jesse Cardin.

80' 49"
Audio May 11, 2020

The Woman at the Inn

John Tarrant

Audio: PZI Zen Online. John Tarrant on Mother’s Day sits with Hakuin’s “The Woman at the the Inn.” Everything shines with a great light. Even in the shit! The mind thinks—not here, this can’t be it. With music from Ritchie Domingue, Jordan McConnell and Amy Fletcher. As recorded May 10 2020.

101' 56"