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Solitary Boat


A solitary boat is making its way without oars in the dim moonlight. When I turn my head, I see waterweed motionless on the ancient river bank.

—Keizan Jokin

Audio February 27, 2023

Winter Sesshin Closing: The Whole World Is Medicine

John Tarrant, Tess Beasley

As we end sesshin, we go forth in the world and the treasure of sesshin is still here. You can’t lose what you entered into while in sesshin. In the midst of everything, you still have the silence. We can remain open to connection with the great matter.

19' 22"
Audio February 27, 2023
44' 17"
Audio February 21, 2023

Carried by Kindness & Joy

Tess Beasley

The kindness of strangers often carries us during difficult times—synchronicity is enhanced. When we can leave our troubles, our “selfness,” then joy appears when all else has fallen away. And we find we can have it!

40' 32"
Audio February 17, 2023

The Path of Practice – Remembering a Teacher

Jon Joseph

Jon Joseph recalls the powerful influence of his high school Zen teacher Señor King, and others along the way, as his unfolding path of practice is carried by the great current.

42' 10"
Audio February 14, 2023

The Project of Suffering vs The Reaching

Allison Atwill

What if, suddenly, it’s midnight? The usual navigational tools are not available. The reaching is the important component of this moment. Understanding the suffering we fabricate, which separates us, versus a fitting suffering which opens our hearts in connection. Complete talk from Winter Sesshin 2023.

55' 0"
Audio February 9, 2023

Timelessly Carried by the Way

David Weinstein

David shares his incredible life journey, being carried from a 3-month meditation course in Nepal with Lama Yeshe to Seoul, Korea, and back again to Japan, meeting Koun Yamada in Kamakura, and eventually coming to California and PZI. Complete talk from Winter Sesshin 2023.

57' 22"