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Ox Herding

The Ten Ox-Herding Pictures

1. Searching for the Ox
2. Seeing the Footprints of the Ox
3. Seeing the Ox
4. Catching the Ox
5. Herding the Ox
6. Riding the Ox and Returning Home
7. The Ox Forgotten, the Person Remains
8. The Ox and Person, Both Forgotten
9. Return to the Fundamentals, Back to the Source
10. Entering the Marketplace with Bliss-Bestowing Hands

Audio February 22, 2023

Zen Luminaries: A Primer for Forgetting with Lewis Hyde

Jon Joseph

Author and essayist Lewis Hyde talks with Jon Joseph about his most recent book, A Primer for Forgetting. To be born is thought of as a forgetting in many cultures around the world. Hyde also explores the creative need for the trickster and unconventional gift economy running parallel to Zen.

80' 38"