Linji's Solitary Brightness (MK38c)

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Audio January 25, 2020

Australia is Burning- Audio Talk, Winter Sesshin 2020

John Tarrant

John Tarrant introduces the Queensland Magpie singing fire sirens and walks us through the ancient forests he knew as a child. How do we live the life we live in the face of this vast change? What is this?

54' 52"
Audio December 4, 2019

The Brightness of the Blockage

Allison Atwill

The experience of being blocked; a major or minor imprisonment and of help arriving from unexpected sources.

54' 30"
Audio December 4, 2019

That Solitary Brightness is You

John Tarrant

A discovery that all the Linji koans we are working with during the retreat are variants on: ‘There’s Nothing I Dislike’. They all appear from this core. The solitary brightness with no fixed shape or form is yours. If you ‘Only don’t object’, or exclude the reality, the brightness is there.

54' 9"