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Huangbo's Gobblers of Dregs (BCR11)


Huangbo said, “You’re all gulping down the brewers dregs. If you keep
running around like this, where will you find today? Don’t you know yet that there
isn’t a single Chan teacher in the whole country?”
A student stepped forward and asked, “But what about all those places where
people are guiding students and leading communities?”
Huangbo said, “I didn’t say no Chan; it’s only a matter of no teachers.”

—Blue Cliff Record, Case 11

Audio May 14, 2020

Don’t Come to This Talk! – Gobblers of the Dregs

Jesse Cardin

Audio: ‘King’ Jesse is tired of talking about Zen, drinking the dregs of the real. He talks about the aliveness of his starter dough recipe vs ‘talking about Zen’. ‘Hope is the seed of delusion!’ Take the leap into the now. As recorded May 13, 2020

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