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Fayan's Where Is the Boat? (BS51)


Fayan asked Elder Jiao, “Did you come by boat or by land?”
Elder Jiao replied, “By boat.”
Fayan said, “Where is the boat?”
Jiao answered, “The boat is in the river.”
After Jiao left, Fayan asked the monk beside him, “Tell me, did that monk who was just here have the Zen eye or not?”

—Book of Serenity Case 51

Audio April 29, 2022

Zen Luminaries: Minding the Earth, Mending the World with Zen Writer & Roshi Susan Murphy

Jon Joseph, Susan Murphy

Writer & Roshi Susan Murphy, in conversation with Jon Joseph, reads from her books and talks about her childhood, family, lifelong relationship with the land, the disturbing evidence of climate change in Australia, and her ongoing, warm collaborations with indigenous aboriginal elders. Recorded April 25, 2022. Jordan McConnell sings the vows.

85' 4"