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Buddha's Hand (MK16a)


How is my hand like the Buddha’s hand?
Playing guitar in the moonlight.

From Huanglong Huinan’s Three Turning Words:

a. How is my hand like the Buddha’s hand?
b. How is my leg like a donkey’s leg?
c. In the world of karma, everyone has a birthplace. What is yours?

—PZI MK Case 16, Gateless Gate 49, Entangling Vines 10

Audio June 9, 2022
7' 54"
Audio May 20, 2021

Free & Easy Wandering Series: The Transparence of Things – How Is My Hand Like Buddha’s Hand?

Koan meditation and dharma talk with John Tarrant. How is my hand like Buddha’s hand? PZI Zen Online, Sunday program as recorded May 16, 2021.

114' 18"