Baling's Snow in a Silver Bowl (MK74a)(BCR13)


a. Someone asked Baling, “What is Chan?”
“A silver bowl filled with snow.”

– PZI Miscellaneous Koans, Case 74a & Blue Cliff Record, Case 13

Audio February 3, 2021

The Call of Your Own Life

Allison Atwill

Audi Excerpt: PZI WInter Sesshin. A excerpt from Allison Atwill’s Dharma Talk. Recorded Jan.16 2021.

2' 34"
Audio February 3, 2021

This Is Happening

Allison Atwill

Allison Atwill uses the metaphor of a harrowing solo voyage around Cape Horn, to remind us of our capacity to turn the boat toward the real. Audio excerpt from Winter Sesshin in the PZI Digital Temple. As recorded January 16, 2021.

3' 30"
Audio February 3, 2021

Who Was at the Helm?

Sarah Bender

Audio Excerpt: PZI Winter Sesshin. Sarah Bender’s comment on a nightmarish moment during the round the world voyage of navigator John Slocum. As mentioned in Allison Atwill’s talk recorded Jan. 16th 2021.

2' 0"
Audio February 3, 2021

Starting With Nothing

Jon Joseph

Audio Excerpt – Winter sesshin. jon Joseph was moved to comment on Allison Atwill’s dharma talk, a metaphoric and real solo voyage into the open sea. One sailor had never sailed before and had found a scrapped boat to enter this grueling race with. Recorded Jan. 16, 2021.

1' 18"
Audio February 3, 2021

Solo Voyage to Tahiti or Not

Allison Atwill

PZI Winter Sesshin 2021 – Allison Atwill takes us on a solo sailing journey – a metaphor for sesshin and our lives.

45' 31"
Audio February 1, 2021

The Traveling Moon and the Cuckoo’s Call

Jon Joseph

Audio Excerpt: PZI Winter Sesshin. Jon Joseph reads poems and reminds us that even deep in jumbled mountains the cuckoo is calling us home. 2 minutes.

1' 26"
Audio February 1, 2021

Ancient Alchemy’s Recipes for Meditation

Tess Beasley

Audio Excerpt: Tess Beasley on the subject of transformation, in PZI Winter Sesshin 2021. As recorded January 15th. 7 minutes.

6' 9"