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Ancestral Stories: The Taste of Old Wrongs Can Disappear


After people die, our point of view about them can shift—it often becomes more vast. Problems with those who’ve gone before can dissolve. In our PZI School, this is why the shadowy dark material is important: when included, it helps it to dissipate so the taste of old wrongs can actually disappear. Excerpted from Ancestral Stories Retreat on October 30, 2022. 7 minutes.



One day Daowu, accompanied by his disciple Jianyuan, went to visit a family in which a funeral was to take place, in order to express sympathy.
Jianyuan touched the coffin and said, “Tell me, please, is this life or is this death?”
Daowu said, “I don’t say life, I don’t say death.”
Jianyuan said, “Why don’t you tell me?”
Daowu said, “I won’t say, I won’t say.”

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