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Great Summer Sesshin

In Person with John Tarrant & PZI Teachers

The Summer of Zen!
—Meeting the Inconceivable

Santa Sabina Retreat Center
in Northern California
June 10th–16th, 2023

Ah, the Summer of Zen!
Ah, the moon and the stars!

Here is our koan:

One day, Yanguan called to his attendant, “Bring me the rhinoceros fan.”
The attendant replied, “The fan is broken.”
Yanguan said, “If the fan is broken, bring back the rhinoceros.”

And how am I going to navigate this life of wonder and tears?

Meditation opens space.

The birds of the morning, the traffic sounds, they are all a great cry and we can’t help but respond. “Here I am! I’m in summer retreat and all is well.”

The mind settles, the heart opens by itself, and a solitary brightness is visible in every single thing. Even your shoes and your knees are delighted. The kitchen is thrilled, it wants to follow you into the meditation hall. Everywhere, deep gratitude wells up. Silently, in the quiet afternoon of retreat—unsought happiness.

Join us for our yearly summer sesshin, a time to sit together in silence in the companionship of wonder.

This is our last summer sesshin in Santa Sabina, a beautiful retreat center where the nuns have been very kind to us over many years.

Summer Sesshin is our major gathering for the year. We meet and sit together. There will be refuge ceremonies and sutras and teachings and also deep and marvelous silence.

Join us, join us!

—John Tarrant

Our Summer Sesshin:

There will be personal interviews and deep meditation, teaching talks and some conversations, old friends and new, brilliant teachers, music, great enlightenment, mistakes, and delight.

This is an extended 7-day & 6-night in-person gathering beginning Monday June 10th at 7:30 pm, and completing Sunday June 16th at 12:00 pm.

With PZI Teachers: John Tarrant, Allison Atwill, Tess Beasley, Jon Joseph,
Michelle Riddle, David Weinstein

Head of Practice: Todd Geist

Where: Santa Sabina Retreat Center in Northern California:

Santa Sabina Center
25 Magnolia Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901


Retreat registration includes room and board free access to PZI Summer Open Temple morning meditations.

PZI Member Single, 2100
PZI Member Double, 1545

Non-member Single, 2200
Non-member Double, 1595

For retreat questions or to request a PZI Member scholarship, contact our registrar, Lora Ferguson at [email protected]

Dear PZI Friends,

In sesshin we come together with PZI members, teachers, musicians, and those new to PZI. We can discover things which we could not discover alone. It’s nice to have each other as we find our way. Thank you for all you offer to PZI.

—PZI Board President Tess Beasley Roshi & Director John Tarrant Roshi,
& All of us at PZI