Each day is a journey and the journey itself is home
– Matsuo Basho

When we leave our little home in the village, we leave everything we know and it gets dark and the great forces come to meet us. Witches, wizards, guides, demons, ghosts, as well as unlooked-for help and kindness, appear at full speed.
We find we need to come to terms with the things we don’t know about the world and ourselves, our own capacities for good – and our shadow, as well.

When, after years, I visited the house I grew up in, it seemed small, like a fairy-tale house. This has happened to all of us: we have all left the world that held us and shaped us, but we still remain loyal in our dreams and memories and beliefs and in the way we approach our world.

In the myth of Zen this journey is guided by ancestors and a thousand hands and eyes. Every culture has such myths, paths and patterns, companions and relatives. When we turn our heart and attention toward this path, it opens.

This is the basic initiation and has roots deep in the structure of the psyche. Late summer, our souls traveling together. This life is for you.

Space is limited at these intimate retreats, and people often find themselves coming again and again. We recommend an early registration.

– John Tarrant


Registration is now very limited. Please contact the registrar, Sascha Kawaichi, at sachakawaichi@gmail.com before registering.

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About Open Mind Retreats

Open Mind Retreats come out of the discovery that when we gather to meditate and consider the deepest things, our lives shift in unexpected ways. When we have the companionship of koans and dreams and fairy tales and poetry, when we speak together of these things and how they touch our own ordinary and extraordinary lives, we learn something new, in our bodies and in our bones, and we can rely on this.

These retreats take place in a beautiful place overlooking the sea, at the edge of the Pacific, with seals and whales watching us watching them, and the Farallon islands in the distance. The schedule is light. There are walks on the beach on on the paths overlooking the ocean. We have ample time to rest and write, to have silence and to have conversation. The food is also unforgettably wonderful.


Dates: August 16-19, 2018
Location: Commonweal Center, Bolinas, California.
Registrar: Sascha Kawaichi, sachakawaichi@gmail.com
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