A journey of desire to heal our world of brokenness, with Jon Joseph, Roshi.

Widowed at a young age, Mujaku could not overcome her grief and became a nun. She asked her teacher, Bukko, “What is Zen?”
Bukko replied, “The heart of the one who asks is Zen; you can’t get it from someone else’s words.”

Our world, our personal world, at times feels to be a bleak and broken landscape of loss, missed chances and frictioned relationships. Our heart feels cracked and split apart. Yet from the first, we have intuitively known that our deepest heart, the heart of one who asks, is whole and complete. And that our heart and all things, are not separate. This practice of meditation is about listening to the heart of the world, re-affirming our deepest understanding, and knowing that in all the universe, not one thing is out of place. It is our heart of freedom.

We will be holding a day-and-a-half koan meditation retreat at the Heard Museum from 8am-4pm Saturday November 17 (lunch included), and from 8am-12pm on Sunday, November 18. The first day we will join in meditation and conversation; the second day we will have meditation and a chance for one-on-one practice discussions with the Roshi.

Later, after embracing her one heart, the nun Mujaku wrote a poem:

The bucket catches the stream,
The pure moon, through the pines,
Appears in the water.

Please join us.


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