Meditations with John Tarrant & Friends

The Journey Continues
—Salt, Sauce & Somersaults

In the PZI Online Temple
Sunday, May 22nd, 2022
10:30 am –12 pm Pacific Daylight Time


The journey to enlightenment is always going on whether we notice it or not, even if we are sure that we are headed in the wrong direction. Sometimes you just stroll along and one day a thought appears like a cloud, “Hang on, the fullness of this life, the vividness in my hands, is the same as the vividness in the stars.” Trees have it, birds have it, tortillas have it, and ants. Things have a perfection in them. Sometimes it’s a shock and sometimes it’s more like, “I knew this all along.”

Sometimes the expression is playful.

Puhua was always laughing and jolly. He wandered about, carrying a carpet and cloth sack. In the sack were bowls and plates, fish, tiles, rocks, phones, chargers for different phones, meat, insurance forms, rice, poems, brushes, pens, keys, hair dryers. He would spread the carpet in the plaza and empty out the sack. He would hold up items from the sack and say, “What is this?”

We are always in the middle of it, and it is always in the plainness of things, which is why temples are often sparse.

Once, there were great troubles in the land, and the teacher had no news of Mazu in the twenty years since he had gone off to start his own place. So the teacher sent someone to ask, “How are you?”

Mazu told him, “It’s been 20 years of temporary getting-by but I’ve never lacked salt and sauce.”

When Panshan Baoji was near death, he said to the monks, “Is there anyone among you who can draw my likeness?”
Many of the monks made drawings for Panshan, but none were to his liking.
The monk Puhua stepped forward and said, “I can draw it.”
Panshan said, “Why don’t you show it to me?”
Puhua then turned a somersault and went out.
Panshan said, “Someday, that fellow will teach others in a crazy manner!”
Having said these words, Panshan passed away.

—John Tarrant

Meditation is something to learn in order to make your way through the inner and outer forces of your life, and the events great and small. Life is a great and marvelous mystery, but it is not something to be afraid of.

John Tarrant

So, meditation is really a way to inhabit your own life, and love it, and love the people you are with on this journey. It is a way to be fully human. We can all do it, there is no one who is disqualified or wrong in the world of meditation.

There are no reservations in life, we are here, and again we are here. We can all manage that. That is why meditation is associated with freedom and joy.

Waking up is something we do together, in the online temple on Sunday. We love it when you join us. 

—John Tarrant Roshi and all of us at PZI

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