PZI Workshops, PZI Zen Online Meditation Sessions and Classes will always be listed individually on the Calendar of Events.

General information about what types of Retreats we offer and how each event is structured can be found on our Retreat information page. (Some provisions mentioned here have changed as we are now meeting completely online).


2020- 2021 in the PZI Digital Temple

Fall Sesshin  – Gathering in the Valley of Our Time – October 1-4
(Thurs. 4pm PDT – Sun. 6pm PDT) 

1 Day Retreat: Walking New Paths at HalloweenOctober 31  (Saturday)
9:30am-4pm PDT

2 Day Weekend Retreat- Buddha’s Life – December 5-6 (Saturday – Sunday, time TBD)

Winter Sesshin -January 13-17 (Wednesday 4 p.m. PDT – Sunday 6 p.m. PDT)

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