Entering the Blue Cliff Record

Master Koans and Masterpieces for Transformation

An extended online retreat in the PZI Digital Temple
with John Tarrant & Friends

*Registration closed June 18th – contact Jan Black if you would still like to attend*

June 22 – 27, 2021   REGISTER

The Blue Cliff Record is the first and greatest of the koan collections, a book of wonders assembled the way autumn piles leaves; it has predicaments and impossible tasks, snatches of poetry and haunting wisdom, gratuitous insults and precipitous journeys. It has tea ladies who were secret masters offering turning words along with tea and cake; we will also meet dragons.

The Record was the culmination of the culture, a cathedral and a vessel of transformation. It was intended as a guide for those who needed to consider the deepest matters and live a practical life at the same time.

This retreat is a gift from the original Chinese teachings and at the same time a gate through which you can pass and have confidence in your own life and your place in the mystery of things.

We’ll be working from the translation by John Tarrant and Joan Sutherland. John has spent many years with this great work.

John Tarrant & Friends:
PZI Teachers: Allison Atwill, Tess Beasley, Sarah Bender
Jon Joseph, David Parks, Michelle Riddle David Weinstein

Heads of Practice will be Jan Brogan & Chris Gaffney

Our Summer Sesshin:

This extended 6-day & 5-night gathering begins
June 22nd, Tuesday at 4:30 PM PDT, and completes on
June 27th,  Sunday eve at 6:00 PM PDT. 

Where: In the PZI Digital Temple

Fees: PZI Members: $525 & Non-Members: $595

PZI members: If you want to attend and are in need, please don’t hesitate to request financial aid through a PZI Scholarship. Contact our registrar, Jan Black.

Dear PZI Friends —

We come together across oceans and continents with PZI members, teachers, musicians, and those new to PZI. We can discover things together which we could not discover alone. There’s a scholarship fund for PZI members who want to attend and need financial assistance. If you’re not a member, we invite you to join us today! You can read more about this below, and then get in touch with our registrar.

Thank you for all you have offered to PZI during these last many months, and these last many decades. It’s nice to have each other as we find our way.

—Board President Tess Beasley Sensei & Director John Tarrant Roshi, & All of us at PZI


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