Gazing into the Many Faces of Compassion: A 5-Part Sunday Series with –

Allison Atwill Roshi, Tess Beasley, Sarah Bender Roshi, Michelle Riddle Sensei

August 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30 @ 10:30am – 12pm PDT
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Guanyin, bodhisattva who hears the cries of the world.

Ancient Sanskrit called her Avalokitesvara, the embodied compassion of all buddhas.

Some myths say she has one thousand hands and eyes. Others whisper she was the mother of the Buddha. One tale tells of her journey down to hell, where the birds began to sing and the flowers grew tall until the demons were forced to ask her to leave, lest the purifying depths became too joyous. As she rose, children seized her robes and were carried from the underworld back to the living.  

Yet, her true nature goes beyond her many names and faces. She is part of the very fabric of the universe itself. She is that voice who wonders, what does it mean to save all beings? What blocks us hearing the cries of the world? And, what does it really mean to turn toward pain—our own or others? She is always working in ways, seen and unseen, as part of every living thing. As part of nature itself.

So, how do we recognize her? 

An old Zen koan asks: Quickly, without thinking good or evil, what is your Original Face before your parents were born? 

This 5-part series, in lieu of our usual Sunday sessions, features four women teachers of Pacific Zen Institute and Open Source. We seek to gather and reflect on the nature of compassion as it lives in life and in nature itself—as fire, water, wind, earth, and space. 


Join us for any one or all five talks. Return weekly to register for each Sunday session as it’s posted. Register now for the upcoming Sunday:

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Teacher Schedule:
August 2 – All

August 9 – Michelle Riddle Sensei: Earth
August 16 – Tess Beasley
August 23 – Sarah Bender Roshi
August 30 – Allison Atwill Roshi

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