We are in a new time, it is precarious and dangerous, full of possibilities and beauty too. Known things are dissolving but have not yet taken the shapes to come.

Autumn Retreat with John Tarrant & Friends —

Allison Atwill, Tess Beasley, Sarah Bender, Jon Joseph,
David Parks, David Weinstein & Michelle Riddle 

What we have known and depended on is dissolving in the valley of our time, but the shape of things to be is not yet clear. It is a precarious time, full of possibilities, beauty and danger too.  Some things fall apart and some things wait. In harvest colors of gold and blue, the ceremony of the seasons goes on. A dragon lives there, in the temple, in the valley of our time. The dragon has always been with us, unafraid. Sometimes the temple is in an orchard at the end of a sandy lane, sometimes you go down, down, down, beneath the sea, sometimes it is hidden in an ancient city. As we meet our time, the dragon will work things out for us. Join us in October in the temple which spans the whole world.

To advance from where you can no longer advance and to do what can no longer be done, you must make yourself into a raft or ferryboat for others.  —Mazu

Retreat details and daily schedule are in the event registration

The Zendo altar will be lit, and the temple will be held – with meditation periods from 6:00 a.m. EDT to 9:00 p.m. PDT, and morning rituals beginning each day at 6:30 a.m. PDT. Dharma talks will be offered twice daily, and a panoply of teachers will offer dokusan interviews each day, too. We’ve designed the schedule to both hold us together as an extended community in one vessel, and to also offer flexibility so a range of time zones can participate comfortably. 

Sometimes the thing to do is to turn the light inward and go to the source. It’s going to be quite the event—a gateway into what is marvelous in your life. We are in a moment of deepening together, of feeling the gravity of our time and discovering the light that is always working inside us.

PZI Members $395, Non-members $450

Dear PZI Friends –

Skies are orange this week in California and temperatures tumbled over 60 degrees in Colorado along with summer snow. Things feel wobbly and uncertain, and yet we continue to discover the way practice and community can hold and deepen us through these times.

Summer Sesshin took us down into the Blue Dragon’s Cave, where across oceans and continents we found ourselves in the same vast temple. Without knowing how, we made our way deep into the belly of retreat and were touched by musicians and sutras, dharma talks and teacher interviews, and the faces lighting up like stars on screen morning and night.

For the Fall Sesshin we are offering a special discounted registration for those in need, in recognition of the challenges some are experiencing in these times. This is in addition to our usual scholarship program for PZI Members.* Contact our registrar: Jan Black

Tess Beasley Sensei & PZI Board President
John Tarrant Roshi & Director

Thank you for all you have offered to PZI during these last many months, and these last many decades. It’s nice to have each other as we find our way.

–All of us at PZI


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