Practices for Feeling the Time with John Tarrant
In the PZI Digital Temple

10:30am-12pm PDT


Every day at mealtime, the teacher would take the buckets of rice to the front of hall, dance and laugh heartily, saying, “Bodhisattvas, come and eat your rice!”

He wasn’t being kindhearted.

Mountains, clouds, waves, birds, lions, and teachers dance. The trees dance and foxes steal shoes and dance in the moonlight. When I sit at night the mist dances, and just sitting I’m dancing too. Thoughts move slowly like waves that have come a long way. Gradually the mind and heart become at peace in the center of the dancing.

—John Tarrant

Join us for John’s Sunday Meditation & Talk on June 20th.

The Blue Cliff Record is our companion throughout our June period of intensive meditation.


Meditation is a place where you are welcome, and this is a way to do it together now. Koan meditation is based on uncertainty and was invented for a difficult era. For these reasons, it helps us to be friendly with our time, to find a way to make decisions, to love the life we have.

—John Tarrant Roshi and all of us at PZI


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