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Metamorphosis – A Month of Deep Practice Together

The Sound of the Distant Temple Bell

Dear Friends—

In October we are having a period of deepening, an online retreat that you can move in and out of. It starts with a one-day retreat and offers lots of daily meditation. There is a six-day retreat on the third week of the month, and we end with a one-day retreat on Halloween. This month is a chance to change how we live.

We are always reaching for the world, and even one moment of meditation gives us peace and home. Then we have everything. It’s the same with an intensive retreat, but more so; in the silence the gifts of life pour over us.

The old masters offered doorways into freedom, and that tradition is a living treasure that everyone can know about. We have meditation with stories, poems, and conversations that awaken us. These became a curriculum, and were called koans. You keep company with them, and they change your life. This is something you can’t do wrong.

This is our tradition, we love it—and want to share it with you, so it can be your inheritance too.

You can’t break a koan. You cannot fall out of awakening. Koans are a path of imagination which means if you fall into the depths, you will be held and discover who you really are. At Pacific Zen, we’ve developed ways to teach the koans that anyone can take up, even people who have never meditated before. We have seven koan teachers of many years’ experience.

Join us and enjoy your spiritual life.

—John Tarrant


Welcome to the October PZI Digital Temple

How to participate

Our October Intensive offers a full suite of practice opportunities, leaders, and teachers—filled with daily meditation, dharma talks each week, and short and long retreats. We welcome both new and experienced practitioners to the koan tradition and our PZI Way. 

Select the events and meditation times that work for you, and attend what you can! Leaders will be there with temple lamps lit ready to welcome you for all meditation sessions.

If you’re seeking a full immersion this October, sign up for Fall Sesshin (which includes our month-long Open Temple Meditation Pass FREE) and also sign up for our two one-day retreats—Gateway Into the Dream, to kick off the month on October 3rd, and Save a Ghost to close on Halloween.

—Questions? Contact Corey Hitchcock


October Intensive – Events

Select the events and times that work for you


October Open Temple
Meditation Pass:
$125 or FREE with Fall Sesshin registration
Daily Morning Meditations

What a gift it is to gather together each morning in silence and hear the bell. With this in mind, a collection of our senior leaders are offering early morning koan meditation in the PZI Digital Temple every day in October. Join in as you can, as often as you wish.

Meditation Pass gives access to one full month of three daily morning meditations, October 1-31:

Session 1: 4-5am PDT (or 7-8am EDT)
Session 2: 5-6am PDT (or 8-9am EDT)
Session 3: 6-7am PDT (or 9-10am EDT)


1-Day Retreat, October 3rd: Register
Gateway Into the Dream
10am-4pm PDT

This 1-Day Retreat led by John Tarrant & Friends opens our month-long October Intensive on Metamorphosis.


1-Day Retreat, October 31st: Register
Save a Ghost
10am-4pm PDT

This 1-Day Retreat led by John Tarrant & Friends completes our month-long October Intensive on Metamorphosis and the miscellaneous koans.


Fall Sesshin, October 19-24: Register
$495/$525 — includes Open Temple Pass

Our month-long October Practice Intensive includes the six-day PZI Fall Sesshin. Diving deep into the heart of Koan Zen, each day offers two dharma talks, individual interviews with teachers, and an 18-hour zendo that holds bodhisattvas from coast to coast and around the world.

Sesshin registration includes the October Open Temple Meditation Pass.

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