Zen Luminaries Series
—Wild Mind, Wild Earth

A PZI Zen Online Event with Special Guest David Hinton
in conversation with Jon Joseph Roshi

Monday Evening
December 12th, 6–7:30 pm PST

COME JOIN US on Monday for a lively conversation with special guest David Hinton about his newest book, Chan Buddhism, Zen, and more.

David Hinton’s work explores how the wisdom, poetry and practice of Chinese Buddhism invite us to recognize the kinship of mind and nature—a relationship that must be re-animated if we are to address the intersecting ecological crises of our time.

How Chan/Zen and contemporary environmental thought flow together, at this critical juncture in human history, is at the heart of Hinton’s new book, Wild Mind, Wild Earth: Our Place in the Sixth Extinction.

Hinton has published many books of original poetry, nonfiction, and translations of ancient Chinese poetry and philosophy. All are informed by his abiding interest in deep ecological thinking, and in exploring the weave of consciousness and landscape. Hinton’s work has earned wide acclaim and many awards.

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Jon Joseph Roshi


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