A koan is a little story that illuminates, and koan meditation is a gateway into a new way of living. The meditation itself is humble and genuine and welcoming.

When you walk through the gate, you meet the old masters. They were ancestors and adventurers who explored consciousness and handed down a tradition of freedom. You see these old men and women face to face or even more, see with their eyes, know for yourself the way they moved in the world. You can learn a different way of listening to your life, and even the dark bits of life become luminous.

There is a tremendous sense of empowerment and freedom, and you are no longer afraid of death. If you know about gateways, you know that a different life is possible even if you can’t find the gate right now. The important thing is just that you know about gates.

It doesn’t have to be so hard, it can be fun.

Join us for an Open mind Retreat in Santa Fe and conversations with the masters.

Check in is Thursday 3-6pm. Check out is 10am Sunday All meals are included – including lunch on Sunday.

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About Open Mind Retreats

Pacific Zen Institute’s Open Mind retreats come out of our impulse to make a Zen retreat that is native to American culture. The idea is that when we take away the barriers to understanding, things just naturally shine.

There will be sitting together, koans, teaching, walks, poetry, conversation, writing and time to find out what our lives might be like without our usual stories. We will do exercises that help our attention to deepen. We will make discoveries and our lives will open.

This is a retreat that people find has a powerful effect on their lives and their understanding, both of the practice of the inner life and of the world of work and personal interaction. It has the deep strength of an intensive meditation retreat inside a form that works for people with many different levels of meditation experience. It has a schedule that makes it work well for those who would like to bring a partner or a friend. No particular background in spiritual practice is required. The retreat has limited numbers, so signing up early is a good idea.

– John Tarrant

Image: Doorways in the Jahaz Mahal, by McKay Savage.
Creative Commons Attribution License.

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