A Special Two-Day Retreat with John Tarrant and Cindy Marteney

Going deeper
and still deeper—
the green mountains  

– Santoka

At the end of the year we clean house (the Japanese custom), pay debts, carouse, mourn the beauties and losses of the old year, cleanse ourselves and invoke the spirits of the new time.

Practice is what holds us through all the transitions, no matter what appears. As we cross through into New Year, a dragon carries us from the pit of the dark into the silver dawn.

We listen for what is and for the images of what is to come.

What has been dark for you? Are there really mistakes? What is trying to emerge? What carries the coming light? How can we be living the wrong life?

At this retreat, it’s our custom to have two altars, a bright one and a dark one. You can bring things that symbolize the bright and dark in your life this year to put on the altar. It’s up to you to decide which goes where.

Santoka posted this sign outside his cottage::

If you bring your favorite sweet or sour food with you
And dance and sing unreservedly
    with the gentleness of the spring wind and autumn streams
Without putting on airs or being downhearted,
   everyone will share a great happiness.

We’d like to welcome the New Year together in the spirit of warmth and excellence.

So join us.


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  • Time: 9:30am–5:00pm, December 29 & 30, 2018
  • Cost – $450
  • This is a benefit retreat—all the money you pay goes to PZI’s general fund, helping support our centers and staff.
  • If you need, we have scholarships, too. Please contact tessbeasley@gmail.com to discuss.
  • Bring something to put on the bright altar and the dark altar.
  • Bring a notebook. Between talks and exercises, we will be stopping to write and reflect and then share what we discover together.
  • Spaces went quickly last year, so register early to be sure to have a spot!

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