Bolinas, California, March 19-22, 2020

A koan tells the story of a woman who left home with a man and had a family and at the same time didn’t leave home but stayed in bed in the house she grew up in. “Which is the true woman?” the koan asks.

This retreat is an exploration of the life we show to the world and also of the life beneath appearances, in which we dream and are aware of great forces moving in the darkness.

Feeling the time, feeling your path, listening to the voices deep down—a few days devoted to the creative life.

Pacific Zen Institute’s Open Mind retreats come out of our impulse to make a Zen meditation retreat that is native to American culture and helpful in our lives. When we take away the barriers to understanding, things just naturally shine.

This is a retreat that people find has a powerful affect on their lives and their understanding, both of the practice of the inner life and of the world of work and personal interaction. It has the deep strength of an intensive meditation retreat inside a form that works for people with many different levels of meditation experience. It has a schedule that makes it work well for those who would like to bring a partner or a friend. No particular background in spiritual practice is required.

The retreat has limited numbers so signing up early is a good idea

This residential retreat is held in a beautiful place on the ocean. It has a simple feel, and wonderful food prepared by the Commonweal caterers. There will be sitting together, koans, teachings, poetry, conversation. There will be time for writing and drawing and walking by the sea and under the cypress trees with the sound of waves and seals and whales to keep us company. We will make discoveries and our lives will open. No particular background in spiritual practice is required.

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Registrar: Sacha Kawaichi –

Goddess Print detail courtesy of Mayumi Oda

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