Featured Koan: The Four Boundless Vows

I vow to wake all the beings of the world,
I vow to set endless heartache to rest,
I vow to walk though every wisdom gate,
I vow to live the great Buddha Way.

—PZI Refuge Vows

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NOT TOO LATE to join our June Intensive: A Month of Deep Practice Together – check it out!

The Three Pure Vows as Gates: 3 Mondays in June – w. Allison, Tess, & Jesse

Summer Retreat w. John Tarrant & Friends: Entering the Blue Cliff Record – registration is open

Weekly Meditation & Talks: Sunday – Thursday, join us!


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PZI Talk LIVE! To the Rescue! Fixing the Fan: with Gaffney & Hitchcock

June 15 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Free – $10

Register here for PZI Talk LIVE

To the Rescue! Fixing the Fan

Once upon a time in China, the governor gave a rare fan carved of rhinoceros horn to a Zen Master, who forgot about it. Then he remembered. He called to his assistant, “Bring me the rhinoceros fan.” The assistant said, “It is broken.” The master said, “In that case, bring me the rhinoceros.”

—Yanguan’s Rhinoceros Fan, The Blue Cliff Record, Case #91

Someone I care about is overburdened, or seems so in their dialogues with me and the universe. I want to help. That is compassionate assistance, isn’t it? Isn’t it always right to help out? What is it in me that needs attention when I set off in this way? Is rescuing or fixing necessarily a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ idea? —Corey


Join co-hosts Chris and Corey of PZI for a group conversation twice a month on topics of interest, wonder, or confusion. 

This is a gathering in the spirit of our PZI Talk Members google group, but meeting face-to-face online with listening, noticing, and speaking occurring in real time. Please join us, the only experience necessary is the one you’ve been having. With folks such as yourselves, who knows where we will journey?

—Chris Gaffney aka Mr. Crane, & Corey Hitchcock aka Interpreter of the Wild

We are in accord with the old Chan teachers who believed that conversations with others could be decisive in waking up to our original nature. 


June 15
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Free – $10
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PZI Digital Temple


Chris Gaffney & Corey Hitchcock