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In the deep dark you see a face from long ago, but you don’t recognize her.
Don’t think that’s strange.

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Sundays with John Tarrant: Next on July 10th

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Alternating Tuesdays: PZI Talk LIVE! with Gaffney & Hitchcock is on break in July & August

On Break: Summer Open Temple returns August 1st

August: In-Person Weekend Retreat with David Parks from August 12th-14th

July:1-Day Retreat with John Tarrant & Tess Beasley on July 16th



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PZI Talk LIVE! Sharp or Round, Dragons Abound: Tuesday with Gaffney & Hitchcock

June 28 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Free – $10


Sharp or Round, Dragons Abound with Gaffney & Hitchcock

2 koans again from Corey & Chris . .


Someone asked, “What is my heart-mind?”
An ancestor replied, “All the worlds in the universe are your heart-mind.”
“If that is so, then there’s really no particular place for my body to be.”
“That’s exactly the place for your body to be.”
“Where is that?”
“The great ocean, vast and deep.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Dragons and fish play freely, leaping and diving.”

—koan adapted from Joan Sutherland’s Acequias

A key word in this koan stopped me as I tumbled along: Dragons. It is dragons and fish. Dragons are not of the real world, and yet here they are playing and leaping with fish, which are. I can just about follow that lead. When I feel there is no place for my body to be, I can rely on dragons. We have them too, within us.

So, dragon-body, please assist me in this crazy time of constant change-storms. Things seem sharp—sharp as an awl. I am waiting for the round, round as a lotus. I will just let the koan(s) do its work, and see you on Tuesday eve for possible leaping and tenderness.




How does the world appear to awakened mind?
The lotus leaf is round, round rounder than a mirror 
The rose’s thorn is sharp, sharp, sharper than an awl.—Jiashan

—PZI Miscellaneous Koans, Case 28

Jiashan is the fellow who was knocked into the water by the Boatman Monk, having failed to let the ferryman know where it was he had come from.

The Boatman, being satisfied after this dunking that Jiashan was now capable of saying something, rowed his boat to the center of the river, tipped it over and was never seen again.

The tipping over of his ‘lone red boat’ feels sharp, sharp, sharp to me; but his disappearance, with expanding circular ripples from his plunge, feels round, round, round. These days, appearance often takes this shape—first sharp, then round. Almost any good dose of feeling what I need being outside my grasp (sharp), will be followed by tenderness and softening (round), if the sharp is allowed entry.

Chris Gaffney

Since the body gateways everyplace, it has no place it resides, which is (exactly) its place to be. Anything may happen to knock this into us—a round leaf, a sharp thorn, a sudden dunking. We find we do not know where we are, and find our true home of deep journeying.

Let’s walk together a little.


We meet on alternating Tuesday eves
—watch the events calendar for our next meeting

We are hosting a group conversation twice a month—largely because we thought it would be fun and simultaneously stimulating in the ways koan practice provides—full body and deep tissue! We typically talk a bit on the topic, meditate a bit together, and then converse. All are welcome. With folks such as yourselves, who knows where we will journey?

Please join us—the only experience necessary is the one you’ve been having.

—Chris Gaffney aka Mr. Crane, & Corey Hitchcock aka Interpreter of the Wild

We are in accord with the old Chan teachers who believed that conversations with others could be decisive in waking up to our original nature. 



June 28
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Free – $10
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PZI Online Temple


Chris Gaffney & Corey Hitchcock
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