Featured Koan: The Buddha's Enlightenment

The Buddha looked up and saw the morning star and awakened.
He cried out, “Now, at last, I see that all beings have the nature of the one who comes thus. Only their delusions and attachments keep them from realizing this."

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Going Dark: with David Parks

December 2 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Free – $10

Register here for David’s meditation & talk

Don’t light a lamp; there’s no oil in the house.
It’s a shame to want a light.
I have a way to bless your poverty:
Just feel your way along the wall.

—The PZI Miscellaneous Koans, Case 71 (Yinyuan Longqi)

We move through our lives, adopt routines, and get acquainted with the folkways, mores and practices of our culture. We take on a worldview and fashion a self image that fits well within that worldview. In other words, we play our part. That is, until we are called to “solo,” to risk leaving the comforts of our neatly constructed life, to respond to life as it is calling us.

This is what it is to leave home. Or to follow the metaphor in the koan—to go dark, to forget what it is we know about life brightly lit, and instead to feel our way along the wall, not knowing where it will lead.

This is scary. We go dark as illness comes, grief descends, and as our disappointments plague us. Or simply, sometimes, it just goes dark. The old ways are no longer adequate for the twists and turns encountered along life’s way. Here, sometimes, we lose hope. But the koan suggests something else: blessing.

There is a blessed way: “Just feel your way along the wall.” The dark has a texture of its own that leads us into life, into this moment. Feeling our way is like a naked trust—it can only be undertaken “in the dark,” from a place of not-knowing. This blessed way calls us forth to feel our way, experiencing life as it comes to us, trusting the uncertain and unknown, available to receive the offerings that darkness brings.

—David Parks

David Parks Roshi

Join us Thursday for koan meditation, a dharma talk, and conversation. Register to participate. All are welcome.



December 2
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Free – $10
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PZI Digital Temple


David Parks Roshi