Where Do You Go When You Die? – John Tarrant in Lion’s Roar, November Issue

“The entire meaning of your life is contained in the current matter,” said Mazu, the grand Chan master. Sooner or later, death is that matter. John Tarrant on sorrow, death, and eternity.

Uncertainty Club – Summer Lightening & the Goddess Dreams, 2019

SUMMER 2019 – In this issue of Uncertainty Club we have fire, water, the goddess, and long reads for the end of summer. 
The connection between Chan and the feminine feel for the world is ancient. It begins with an appreciation for beauty.

No Rank Whatsoever! Koans as Gates – Wild Path of Awakening with John Tarrant, Roshi

Great Koans: The thing with a great koan like this is that we always think there must be a right way to do it, but there’s no first principal and it’s got no rank, so maybe there’s not. And so you just do the best you can, which is yours…so the practice is for you. John Tarrant, Roshi Fall Sesshin, 2019 – Read on..

One Day, My Child, All This Will Be Yours – John Tarrant in May Lion’s Roar

Another look at the enormous, unbridled forces at work in the world – John’s lead article in the May issue of Lion’s Roar addresses the recent disastrous wildfires, which swept through Australia’s ancient forests on the heels of drought and heat in a changing climate.