Audio: Meditation & Talk with Tess Beasley, Recorded May 12

Audio: ‘Fortunate Encounters with Demons, Delusions & Other Unexpected Guests’. Tess unleashes demons. Demons abound in lockdown – they can be helpful! Our protective Psychic Immune system, what triggers a response? How we protect our habitual image. Demons tend to employ certainty & cultivate a ‘life or death’ response. What are they protecting? As recorded May 12 2020

Audio: PZI Zen Online Meditation & Talk with John Tarrant, Roshi Recorded April 26

PZI Zen Online: Our ‘disorderly karmic consciousness’. John Tarrant, Roshi on ‘the mind at midnight’ explaining our experience with ‘No foundation to rely on!’ Koans offer our insistent minds a gate. As recorded April 26th.

Audio: PZI Zen Online Meditation & Talk with Jesse Cardin, Roshi Recorded April 22

Audio: ‘Deshan’s Enlightenment Story’ -Jesse Cardin, Roshi reimagines Deshan’s story. the Tea Shop Lady’s wisdom. The journey of awakening, how we make koans our own, and the role of imagination in Zen. As recorded April 22nd.

Audio: PZI Zen Online Meditation & Talk with John Tarrant, Roshi Recorded April 19

‘Peach Blossoms’ – Meditation & Dharma Talk with John Tarrant, plus comments from participants. After seeking a teacher for 30 years, at the sight of peach blossoms across a canyon, a teacher is enlightened.

Audio: Maralung & the Song Man with John Tarrant, Roshi

John Tarrant tells a beautiful story koan from Australia, ‘Maralung & the Song Master’, about a song man and his magical allies who help him find and remember his own song. As recorded

Audio: Meditation & Talk with Tess Beasley Recorded April 14th

Audio – ‘The stone woman gives birth in the middle of the night’. Wondrous images of our uncertain ‘gestational time’ in corona virus lockdown. The children of night. As recorded.

Audio: ‘Australia is Burning’ – Sesshin Dharma Talk with John Tarrant, Roshi

John Tarrant introduces the Queensland Magpie singing fire sirens and walks us through the ancient forests he knew as a child. How do we live the life we live in the face of this vast change? What is this?

Meditation & Talk – Recorded April 3, with Sarah Bender

Zoom Zen Audio – ‘Not Knowing is Most Intimate’, Sarah Bender, Roshi reflects on the nearness of all of us in this dreamy emergent time. As recorded April 3rd, includes: Sarah’s intro & Dharma talk, silent meditation segments and sharing.

Meditation & Talk – Recorded Mar. 30 with Tess Beasley

PZI Zoom Zen Audio – Layman Pang and his daughter Ling Chou fall down for different reasons in this koan. Tess leads the group through meditation and a talk.

Meditation & Talk Recorded Mar. 24 Allison Atwill, Roshi

Zoom Zen Audio – ‘Stop the Dogs Barking at Midnight’. Allison on the first indications of our new normal, tenderness for the smallest things. Talk, silent meditation with koan, poems & reflections.