Audio: ‘The Everlasting Body Runs Deep as Indigo’ – Meditation for Troubled Times – John Tarrant, Roshi

PZI Zen Online- We are in the midst of great civil unrest around racism and the institutions that support it. Hakuin, Dufu, Dalong speak about what remains what lives what holds us in the universe even as we feel most perishable, sad, defeated. The light is still there in all things even without a foundation to stand on! As recorded June 14 2020.

Audio: What is Your Response? – A Butterfly Flies Up! Michelle Riddle, Sensei

PZI Zen Online: The moment you are doing nothing the universe is doing you! What is your response? Responses, readings from Atlanta Mayor Bottoms, Yunmen, William Stafford, Joan Sutherland. Koans for troubled times. Each moment is new. Where is the source of your response? No guarantees, anything can happen. As recorded June 5, 2020.

Audio: Ascending the Heavens – Dongshan’s 4th Rank, Jon Joseph, Roshi

PZI Zen Online- Dongshan’s 4th Rank-‘Two crossed swords..’a timely image for unrest, protests, the dance of the vast and undifferentiated natural order of the universe is always calling us even in distress. Everything is expressing itself, demonstrators are streams moving in flow to a river. Not a thing out of place. As recorded June 8, 2020.

Audio: When All Buddhas Destroyed, What remains? – Social Buddhas & Unrest – Jesse Cardin, Roshi

PZI Zen Online: Zhaozhou said, “Clay Buddhas cannot pass through water; metal Buddhas cannot pass through a furnace; wooden Buddhas cannot pass through fire.” Which Buddha survives? The mid loves its ideas, structures, concepts and so does society. Some of those constructs are always dissolving. Discomfort of change in societal norms and our own personal norms. As recorded June 10, 2020

Audio ‘The Oak Tree in the Garden’ – with David Parks, Roshi

PZI Zen Online – ‘Why did Bodhidharma come from the west?’ answer – ‘The Oak tree in the garden.’ David reflects on the nature of the garden and how life is everywhere, even is this odd time of extremes. As recorded June 4th 2020.

Audio: ‘A True Person of No Color, No Gender, No Rank’ John Tarrant, Roshi

PZI Zen Online- ‘Zen has no insiders, no outsiders’. A true person has no rank, no color, no designations. John reads from Garrett Cadogan’s – ‘Walking While Black’. The space and light of the universe is already in everything, everyone. As recorded June 7th, 2020.

Audio: Yunmen’s Inward & Outward Radiance – Allison Atwill, Roshi

PZI Zen Online -In times of chaos and disturbance, disintegration – your own experience, distress is the fundamental. ‘What is most urgent for me?’ – Yunmen throws the questioner back into his/her own field: ‘The very you that’s afraid she does not have the answer. ‘The birthright radiance of ‘not two’ and separation. Resting in who we are, we let the universe see us. As recorded June 2, 2020.

Audio: ‘I Vow to Set Endless Heartache to Rest’-John Tarrant, Roshi

PZI Zen Online – Meditation, the vessel in difficult times. Our upheaval from Covid quarantine, demonstrations over racist policies. Vow first to: ‘Set endless heartache to rest!’ Koans & stories as ‘ancient vials of life’ to help us now. , Zen’s encounter with Daoism, ‘The Chuang Tzu’. As recorded May 31 2020 (Butoh)

Audio: Meeting Difficulty – Welcome! Before the Names of Sages & Emperors with Jon Joseph, Roshi

PZI Zen Online – Dongshan’s 3rd Rank & Zhouzhou’s ‘Welcome!’ Beauty in the odd experience of lockdown. Innate knowledge – before we were born. The awakened mind. As recorded.June 1 2020.

Audio: Open Hand Way with David Parks, Roshi

Audio PZI Zen Online – David Parks with the 3rd of his zoom sessions on The Bird Path. Returns to the question: Where are you coming from? What we come out of in this time. Where we change our focus. As recorded May 14 2020.

Audio: Stinginess & the Storehouse of Treasures with Tess Beasley

PZI Zen Online –‘From the very beginning, nothing has been withheld.’ (see text file) Covid as unknown territory, stinginess, hoarding, the contagion of ‘not enough’. Generosity appears. Without withholding, we allow even ‘disaster’ to unfold – the universe in flow & at play. As recorded May 26, 2020.

Audio: Song Man – Finding a Song with Jesse Cardin, Roshi

PZI Zen Online- Jesse talks about the creative practice of finding (writing) a song and koan practice, following the breadcrumbs of insight. He tells the Maralung koan about a song man who finds and finally remembers his song. Includes snippets of the song Jesse is writing. As recorded May 27, 2020.

Audio: The Mind at Midnight – Disorderly Karmic Consciousness with John Tarrant, Roshi

PZI Zen Online: Our ‘disorderly karmic consciousness’. John Tarrant, Roshi on ‘the mind at midnight’ explaining our experience even though we have: ‘No foundation to rely on!’ Koans stop our insistent minds. With an image, or a predicament they allow for a pause, a gate. As recorded April 26th.

Music: Purification Meets Cajun Funk with Ritchie Domingue on Piano

Audio: PZI Zen Online – ‘Purification’ Sutra set to music by Ritchie Domingue, musician, cajun band leader & zen practitioner. A soulful version of this powerful Sutra with sesshin sangha singing and Ritchie on piano. As recorded.

Audio: Secret Fidelity & One Finger Zen, Even in the Bardos with John Tarrant, Roshi

PZI Zen Online – Jidu’s story of awakening and meeting with the mysterious prediction of the teacher Heavenly Dragon. The absurdity of life’s journey. The strange woman and her interrupting request: ‘Say a Word of Zen!’. How do you allow something different to arise? – one finger! As recorded May 24, 2020

Audio: Before There is Moonlight with Jon Joseph, Roshi

PZI Zen Online – We are in a time ‘before moonlight’, not recognizing our own faces in the mirror. The dark night of Covid and massive unemployment that has resulted – great unknowns ahead. How do you make your way?- Step by step. As recorded May 25.

Audio: Living Words – Yunmen’s ‘You’ve Misspoken.’ with David Parks, Roshi

PZI Zen Online – Living words come from the our hearts and the vastness of connection. We try to cut things up to manage our lives. Beliefs inhibit our natural responses and what the universe offers. If we avail ourselves of the mystery – it’s alive! As recorded. May 21, 2020.

Audio: When Do We Choose? with David Weinstein, Roshi

The pandemic alters the usual ways we choose. What is ‘picking’ and ‘choosing’? When does choice occur? When do I ‘not choose’, but say yes to life’s flow? David recounts many of life ‘yes’s’ before thinking picking or choosing. How we find what we don’t think we are looking for. As recorded.May 20, 2020.

Audio: Stories of Solitude & Loneliness with Allison Atwill Roshi

Audio PZI Zen Online -Taking the role of the host everywhere & abiding Nowhere vs abiding Somewhere guides Allison’s talk. Solitude as resting in vastness. Loneliness when you may even be in company, but something is missing. Revisiting childhood’s solitude and the solitude of mountain trails.As recorded May 19, 2020.

Audio: Adamantine Sea with Jon Joseph, Roshi

Audio PZI Zen Online- The koan: Sea of Ise inspires Covid dreaming. Dream vacation: scuba diving in Brooklyn Harbor? What is feared opens to beauty. The dark Sea of Brooklyn held a surprise. As recorded May 18 2020

Audio: The Lindworm with Sarah Bender, Roshi

Audio: PZI Zen Online – Sarah investigates the other within and the call of the beloved with ‘The Crag Called Empty One’ & the ‘Lindworm Tale’. Otherness, longing/yearning. What is required of the beloved? As recorded May 15 2020.

Audio: Deshan’s Journey with John Tarrant, Roshi

Audio PZI Zen Online- Deshan’s story of Mirror Bright Mountain, a Diamond Sutra scholar – his journey to awakening. His meeting with the ‘Tea Shack Lady’ & Dragon Pool. How his journey transforms everything including the destination. Suffering from our views and expertness. As recorded May 17 2020. Music Jordan McConnell, Michelle Riddle, Sarah Bender, Amy Fletcher.

Audio: The Sieve Koan with Michelle Riddle, Sensei

Audio PZI Zen Online – ‘The Sieve’ koan – and the woman finding enlightenment as it sinks in the sea. Michelle enters the nature of the Bodhisattva way and relates ways we find ourselves on that path. Ponders: what are we always trying to escape? As recorded May 8 2020.

Audio: ‘Gobblers of the Dregs, Don’t Come to This Talk! ‘with Jesse Cardin, Roshi

Audio: ‘King’ Jesse is tired of talking about Zen, drinking the dregs of the real. He talks about the aliveness of his starter dough recipe vs ‘talking about Zen’. ‘Hope is the seed of delusion!’ Take the leap into the now. As recorded May 13, 2020

Audio: Meditation & Talk with Jon Joseph, Roshi Recorded May 11th

Audio; Jon recants a series of dreams during lockdown for the virus. Dreams appear nightly reminding us not to chase shadows, and lose sight of our lives. They are the lives we are telling and showing. As recorded.

Audio: PZI Zen Online meditation & Talk with John Tarrant, Roshi Recorded May 10

Audio: Zen Online. John Tarrant sits on Mother’s Day with Hakuin’s: ‘The Woman at the the Inn’. Everything shines with a great light. Even in the shit! The mind thinks – ‘Not here, this can’t be it!’ Includes music by Ritchie Domingue, Jordan McConnell & Amy Fletcher.

Audio: Meditation & Talk with Allison Atwill, Roshi Recorded May 5

Audio: PZI Zen online – Awakening experience is outside of our control, our will. It comes in a from a direction we have darkened. The sufficiency of a moment. Hakuin Ikkaku as a teacher. Your essential nature. As recorded May 5, 2020.

Audio: Meditation & Talk with David Weinstein, Roshi Recorded May 6

Audio: ‘Sickness and medicine heal each other, the whole world is medicine, what are you?’ It would seem like a pretty obvious koan at this time of pandemic, yet, it was only in the last few days that it came to me. I’ve learned to trust that about koans. ‘What are you?’ That also feels like a more intimate translation. As recorded May 6 2020

Audio: Meditation & Talk with Tess Beasley, Recorded May 12

Audio: ‘Fortunate Encounters with Demons, Delusions & Other Unexpected Guests’. Tess unleashes demons. Demons abound in lockdown – they can be helpful! Our protective Psychic Immune system, what triggers a response? How we protect our habitual image. Demons tend to employ certainty & cultivate a ‘life or death’ response. What are they protecting? As recorded May 12 2020

Audio: PZI Zen Online Meditation & Talk with John Tarrant, Roshi Recorded April 26

PZI Zen Online: Our ‘disorderly karmic consciousness’. John Tarrant, Roshi on ‘the mind at midnight’ explaining our experience with ‘No foundation to rely on!’ Koans offer our insistent minds a gate. As recorded April 26th.