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Article September 8, 2021

Let Me Count the Ways

John Tarrant

…and no calculations were being made. Buddhism typically holds itself aloof from love, puts love in the too-hard basket, but the difficult bits of life, the exciting ones, are often…

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Text August 14, 2020
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Text February 5, 2021
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Text November 13, 2019

Dongshan’s Five Ranks: Poem 4

John Tarrant

…story about how you fall in love with the life you have, and you fall in love with the life you have and it unfolds and oh, I realized it…

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Article September 14, 2021

Spilling Down Through All the Realms: The Light Inside the Dark

John Tarrant

…beautiful:   Oh happy living things! no tongue Their beauty might declare. A spring of love gushed from my heart, And I blessed them unaware. This love is itself enough…

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Text September 17, 2019

Dongshan’s Five Ranks: Poem 1

John Tarrant

…So the idea of a map of stages is interesting because we love maps. Kids love maps. I love maps. And at the same time a map in Zen is…

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Text September 17, 2019

The Nature of Practice

John Tarrant

…of a practice is, a practice is different from a plan. You know what a plan is; you’ve probably made a few of them. A practice has more love in…

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Text October 22, 2020
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Text November 15, 2017

Meditation as a Basis for Healing

John Tarrant

…are far away, and to others whom you love. Let that warmth and energy and love also go out to those with whom you have no particular connection. Let that…

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Text March 2, 2021

Koans in Your Life

John Tarrant

…exercise you can do with a friend, really, or anyone you love. You can do it with an enemy, too, but it might be harder with someone you love—is to…

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Text August 13, 2021

Enter Here, Step Through

John Tarrant

…you in love with the world, the world has a tender love for you. A regard for you. So it’s a nice thing, because you feel like you’re at home….

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Text November 13, 2019

Dongshan’s Five Ranks: Poem 5

John Tarrant

…kind of interesting to say courage there, because we do love to put the bumper sticker on, put the label on and say what our experience is. And it’s a…

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Article May 7, 2021

Sudden Awakening

John Tarrant

…is at the core. Love Is Real. When the beliefs have fallen away, love and delight show up as basic features of consciousness. When you set out on the Buddha’s…

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Text September 28, 2020

Following the Scent of Flowers

John Tarrant

…had to do them for himself, not for other people. And people still loved him when he stopped—like—trying to please them. Because people do—they love you anyway, in spite of…

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Text September 17, 2019

Soaking in the Bath, Releases the Light

John Tarrant

…the things you love I think you’ll probably love more, but you won’t have so many opinions about them, because you won’t love your opinions, because they’re just opinions. Okay…

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Text September 18, 2019

Dreams Q & A

John Tarrant

…of improvement. Over and over again we think it’s all about giving stuff up, and actually it’s about being more accurate about what we love. We don’t usually love second-guessing…

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Text September 18, 2019

Working With Koans

John Tarrant

…bring you the love and compassion to bear that, too. It will be there even when you just were stupid, the way when your kid is stupid, you still love

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Text May 15, 2021

Every Day Is a Good Day

John Tarrant

…can’t explain it, but you can be grateful for it, and you can appreciate it. And then you’ll find that loving your life and knowing what you love, in a…

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Text October 12, 2021
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Text September 17, 2019

Loving This Life

John Tarrant

…you know. There’s no way to be safe in this world, so what we can have is freedom and awakening. What we can have is love, because love actually depends…

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Text February 17, 2021
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Text September 17, 2019

Stop the War

John Tarrant

…I’ll only love my acceptable states. It’s like I’ll only love my acceptable children. In fact, none of my children are really acceptable. [laughter] And we notice that when we…

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Text September 17, 2019

Straight Down the Road of 99 Curves

John Tarrant

…relationship, whatever comes, if you love someone, it’s all right. You just love them, and it’s the same with your life. Through the koan, it doesn’t matter if you can’t…

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Text November 15, 2017

The Moon Sets at Midnight

John Tarrant

…something to make me happy; Without your love, I’ll die; I can’t bear this darkness, or this loneliness. When you are miserable you you will be able to see that…

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Article November 15, 2017

The Great Way Is Not Difficult

John Tarrant

…my father spoke out of love, and that my mother pushed him away out of love. In a long marriage, the codes spoken by the couple might make no sense…

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Text November 24, 2017

A Beautiful Mistake

John Tarrant

…be happy or to fix the problem or to improve ourselves. Attention is a kind of love and our way of showing up, and when we do that, life unfolds…

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Text May 8, 2020

The Method of Zen

John Tarrant

…bumper sticker to believe. Explanations are not going to do it, because only life answers the big questions about life, right? Only love answers the question about love, not really…

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Text September 18, 2020
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Article July 22, 2021

Surprises on the Way: Article by John Tarrant

John Tarrant

…lose people you love, there is no alternative but surrender. You can’t rewind to yesterday when you were innocent. Meditation at such a moment might not take you back to…

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Article September 10, 2021

A Beautiful Wish (You Are the Sun…)

John Tarrant

…is a kind of love and our way of showing up, and when we do that, life unfolds by itself. Love is fundamentally modest. It doesn’t try for an outcome;…

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