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Audio September 10, 2021
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Text February 17, 2021

Freely I Watch the Tracks of the Flying Birds

John Tarrant

…good. Meditation. Someone said, “It can’t be explained, it can’t be praised enough.” That was Jordan McConnell in Canada, thank you very much—you’re marvelous. Say something Jordan, say “Hello” so…

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Dharma Theme October 12, 2020

Dharma Theme: Gathering in the Valley of Our Time – Fall Sesshin 2020

PZI Teachers

…Huangbo Xiyun AUDIO EXCERPT: Evening Words – John Tarrant, October1 AUDIO: Morning Talk: The Koan Raft – Jon Joseph, October 2 AUDIO EXCERPT: Opening Musical Interlude – Jordan McConnell, October…

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Audio January 31, 2022

Zen Koans & Creative Process: A Conversation

David Weinstein, Jordan McConnell, Michael Hofmann

KOAN: Step by step in the dark, if my foot is not wet I have found the stone. Musician & Luthier Jordan McConnell Art and creativity are mysterious. Those viewing…

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Audio August 22, 2020

Four Boundless Vows Recorded Live – with Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

…gift to us all from Jordan McConnell, on guitar and vocals: His version of PZI’s Four Boundless Vows, recorded in his studio, without the anomalies of zoom! Thank you, Jordan….

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Audio March 2, 2022

Dharma Theme: Winter & Silver, Moonlight & Snow – Winter Sesshin 2022

John Tarrant, PZI Cantor & Musicians, PZI Teachers

…be added below as they become available** AUDIO: Jordan McConnell leads the sutra service… AUDIO: Jordan McConnell plays guitar for meditation… AUDIO: Michael Wilding plays flute for meditation… AUDIO: Michael…

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Video June 19, 2022

Magical Meetings: Jordan McConnell’s Music for Meditation

Jordan McConnell

Music for meditation, recorded on June 12, 2022, during John Tarrant’s Sunday Session. Jordan McConnell‘s improvisation on guitar. 9-minute video….

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Audio November 29, 2020

Music: Jordan McConnell on Guitar – Journey Into Awakening

Jordan McConnell

PZI Zen Online: Excerpt from Journey Into Awakening. Jordan McConnell on guitar during Sunday meditation. As recorded Nov. 29 2020….

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Audio June 4, 2021

Guitar and Vocals: The Four Boundless Vows with Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell on guitar and vocals, playing a variation on PZI’s Four Boundless Vows. From a Sunday Meditation & Talk with Allison Atwill & Tess Beasley, as recorded May 30,…

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Audio October 12, 2023

Music for Meditation: 5 Solos from Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

We are fortunate to have incredible original music from talented musicians in our Sunday temple meditations and PZI retreats. Here are five guitar solos composed and performed by Jordan McConnell

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Video February 14, 2023

The Transformation in Things: Music for Meditation with Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell plays music for meditation during Sunday Zen: The Transformation in Things with John Tarrant & Friends. December 18, 2022….

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Audio October 22, 2020

Zen Speaks Guitar – Jordan McConnell & Jon Joseph

Jon Joseph, Jordan McConnell

PZI Zen Online: Koan—”Say Something Without Moving Your Lips & Tongue.” Zen and music. Jordan‘s path to zen, creative process and how koan work influences his music, craft and vice…

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Audio October 24, 2022

Fall Sesshin 2022: Jordan McConnell Sings Now Westlin Winds

Jordan McConnell

A gorgeous lilting ballad, “Now Westlin’ Winds,” sung a cappella by Jordan McConnell, of all things red thread and the passions of fall: hunters shooting, wild birds taking flight, and…

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Audio April 23, 2021

Spring Sesshin 2021: Four Boundless Vows with Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell sings and plays the Four Boundless Vows with Amaryllis Fletcher on bells and violin. As recorded April 7, 2021….

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Audio October 12, 2020

Fall Sesshin 2020: Sutra Service with Amaryllis Fletcher & Jordan McConnell

Allison Atwill, Jordan McConnell

PZI Fall Sesshin: Sutra service in the afternoon during sesshin. Featuring Amaryllis Fletcher – cantor & violin. Jordan McConnell – vocals & guitar. As recorded October 4 2020….

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Audio October 12, 2020

Fall Sesshin 2020: Musical Opening with Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

Fall Sesshin: Oct. 2 Musical opening interlude for evening session with Jordan McConnell. ‘Four Green Fields’ – Celtic Ballad. As recorded October 2, 2020….

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Audio October 12, 2020

Fall Sesshin 2020: Music – Four Boundless Vows with Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

PZI Fall Sesshin: Jordan McConnell‘s beautiful rendition of the the Four Boundless Vows. As recorded October 2, 2020….

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Audio August 5, 2021

Special Program: 4 Teacher & 4 Boundless Vows – Jordan McConnell sings

Jordan McConnell

Special Program on the 4 Boundless Vows. Musician Jordan McConnell‘s amazing sung version. Excerpt from the Sunday session recorded August 1, 2021….

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Text July 13, 2021
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Audio October 22, 2020

Miriam’s Waltz – Celtic Music with Jordan McConnell

Jon Joseph, Jordan McConnell

PZI Zen Online – Jordan finishes up a session talking about his music and zen connection to his work as Jon Joseph Roshi’s guest. Miriam’s Waltz – Celtic ballad. As…


Dharma Theme April 23, 2021

Dharma Theme: After the Dark and the Cold, Come the Blossoms – Spring Sesshin 2021

PZI Teachers

…with Michael Wilding – on Sax. Welcome & Dharma Talk with Michelle Riddle – 54 minutes. Evening Words with David Weinstein The Four Boundless Vows with Jordan McConnell – vocals…

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Dharma Theme October 24, 2022
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Text September 18, 2020

Secret Fidelity & One Finger Zen, Even in the Bardos

John Tarrant

…patient with this. There’s no point hurrying this, because you’re just in another this. [laughs] Jordan McConnell, musician: [plays guitar] John: Just this, right here. Just this. No other. [rings…

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Text February 11, 2021
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Audio April 26, 2021

Spring Sesshin: The Interwoven Journey of Sesshin and Life

Tess Beasley

…We and everything we perceive are interwoven and not interwoven, while each thing stands in its own place. Jordan McConnell’s music, and birds in the background, become us. Jordan has…

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Text September 28, 2020

Following the Scent of Flowers

John Tarrant

…I went out following scented grass and came back chasing falling blossoms. Jordan McConnell: [plays guitar] John: [narrates] I went out following the scented grasses, the fragrant grasses, all through…

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Audio April 29, 2022

Zen Luminaries: Minding the Earth, Mending the World with Zen Writer & Roshi Susan Murphy

Jon Joseph, Susan Murphy

…goodbye salute. Jordan McConnell sings the vows. The conversation includes several readings from Susan Murphy’s book: Upside Down Zen Susan Murphy Roshi is a dharma heir of John Tarrant Roshi….

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Audio May 7, 2022
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Audio April 5, 2021

The Lilies of New Life: Deepest Indigo

John Tarrant

…uncertainty in our time, and this splendid season. Poems by Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop, William Carlos Williams and winter into spring haiku by John. Original music performed by Jordan McConnell….

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Audio May 7, 2021

Free & Easy Wandering Series: Following the Scented Grass

John Tarrant

…great source—there’s no help for it. All you can do is wander and dance with it. Zhuangzi Basho Michael Wilding on Sax Vows with Jordan McConnell & Amaryllis Fletcher  …

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