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Audio December 10, 2021

Dreams of Awakening: A Familiar Face from Long Ago

John Tarrant

With dreams, whatever part touches your heart, that’s the part you want. The universe is providing these personal and archetypal myths in the perfect formulation for your awakening. Dreams and…

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Text September 18, 2019


John Tarrant

…a difference between what we’re doing and dreams anyway, which is certainly relevant to who we think we are. Dreams are – in the Diamond Sutra, which is one of…

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Text September 18, 2019

Dreams Q & A

John Tarrant

…but it does have an effect. It’s one of those impossible things we can do. Think I’ll write down my dreams, and suddenly you’ve got dreams to write down, and…

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Audio July 15, 2021

Summer Dreams – Maitreya’s Place

John Tarrant

Summer is a time of dreams. Dreams, summertime, and koans have a lot in common. It is a time of permeability, to feel your way. Things that come out of…

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Audio November 1, 2021
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Text May 8, 2020

No Rank! – Or the Wild Path of Awakening

John Tarrant

…things like that. And you notice you start getting dreams about ancestors. And you have affinities with certain ancestors not with others. Some ancestors never bother appearing in my dreams,…

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Article September 17, 2021

Carl Jung’s Red Book

John Tarrant

…garden for two hours, keeping company with her dreams and meditating. I knew my life was in certain ways foolish and even desperate, but around her I could feel light,…

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Text October 12, 2021
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Text February 17, 2021

Freely I Watch the Tracks of the Flying Birds

John Tarrant

…with Tess, Sarah on Friday. Okay. Sarah: I wanted to plant something for anybody who might be, well for anybody—and that is about dreams. The dreams that are appearing, that…

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Audio December 9, 2021

Dreams of Awakening: Our Dark Fairytale Dreams Are It Too

Allison Atwill

Allison Atwill tells of a dream, and shares insights on the importance of dreaming dark dreams, our own awakening in that particular form. The universe crafts dreams perfectly—personal fairytales and…

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Audio December 10, 2021

Images & Patterns in Dreams, and Hakuin’s Dream

Tess Beasley

Tess Beasley comments on the way dreams of awakening can be huge or small, in image and duration. She reads Hakuin’s amazing awakening dream record from his journal. As recorded…

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Audio December 9, 2021

Dreams of Awakening: Our Own Dream Is An Unfamiliar Face & The Giant Pancake

Michelle Riddle

Teachers’ dreams often feature magical ways of feeding an entire community. Michelle Riddle’s remarkable giant pancake dream came after being asked to respond to a teaching from John Tarrant. Excerpt…

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Text February 5, 2021
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Text February 11, 2021
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Text October 8, 2020

Dream Creatures – The Zenosaurus Course on Koans

John Tarrant

Dream Creatures – Zenosaurus Dreams play an essential part in the current of life—while I’m not paying attention my dreams turn the lumps, details, and meetings of the day into…

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Audio May 14, 2020

Covid Dreams

Jon Joseph

Audio: Dreams appear nightly reminding us not to chase shadows, and lose sight of our lives. They are the lives we are telling and showing….

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Audio December 9, 2021

Dreams of Awakening: It’s Gold Wherever You Are!

John Tarrant

Dreams help us because we can’t control them. You have it already and are looking past it. The light is wherever you are. Excerpt from John Tarrant’s complete Sunday session…

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Audio August 10, 2021

Hearing Secret Harmonies: Koans & Dreams

John Tarrant

Koans and the dream world: Secret harmonies are on our side whether we think they are there or not, and whether we look for them or not. A dreamlike koan,…

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Text May 15, 2021

Every Day Is a Good Day

John Tarrant

…telling you this. No judgment, really. The thing for me that happens then is that I dream, I usually dream. The dreams are often working things out—not working things out…

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Sutra Book & Ceremonies October 30, 2021

Ceremonies: Long Readings for Afternoon: Relying on Mind – Sengcan

PZI Cantor & Musicians

…opposition under the sun just comes from your thoughts. Like dreams, illusions, spots before your eyes— why bother grasping at them? Gain and loss, right and wrong— let them go,…

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Text August 25, 2020

You Know Nothing (of Zen) – The Woman at the Inn

John Tarrant

…somebody asked me what I did, sometimes I’d say, “Zen. Koans.” And so, then I had to explain that—and so I’d say, “I work with dreams.” And people would invariably…

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Text August 23, 2020

Predicament Koans – John Tarrant 2013

John Tarrant

dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a giant insect.” So, just in case you think you have a predicament! [laughter] Predicament comes form the Latin word, predicare….

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Video October 24, 2018
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Audio November 27, 2017
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Video February 25, 2018
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Audio September 13, 2021

A Spell for Passing Through Danger

John Tarrant

…cold kill you. When it’s hot, let the heat kill you. PZI members report on dreams and John shares one of his own. The tenderness of all meetings, even in…

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Audio September 2, 2021
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Audio March 25, 2022

Some Treasures of the Lost Cities

John Tarrant

…also a quest, a treasure hunt, through cities overtaken by sands and ghosts and overwhelmed by the sea. We search for hidden teachings in scrolls, clay tablets, or dreams. The…

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Dharma Theme July 19, 2021
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Audio September 23, 2021
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