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Audio September 23, 2021
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Text February 5, 2021
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Text August 13, 2021

Enter Here, Step Through

John Tarrant

…particularly late on the second day of retreat—which is where we are—that the demons arise. [laughter] Everyone: Noooooo… One of the great Japanese koan masters, used to know—he has that…

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Text September 18, 2019


John Tarrant

…know where they come from. And even your demons are involuntary. But whether you feed them or not, is voluntary. If you think of, you’re meditating along, or you’re just…

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Text May 8, 2020

The Method of Zen

John Tarrant

…to the nature. Buddhas are delusive demons and delusive demons are Buddhas. The one pure quality where any opposition of equal and not equal, all this is the constant endowment…

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Text March 26, 2023
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Audio May 13, 2020

Fortunate Encounters with Demons, Delusions & Other Unexpected Guests

Tess Beasley

Tess unleashes demons: Demons abound in this Covid lockdown, and they can be helpful! We have a protective psychic immune system—what triggers a response? Demons tend to employ certainty and…

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Text September 18, 2019

Dreams Q & A

John Tarrant

John: So I’ll take any comments or questions. So how’s it going? How are your demons doing? How are your elephants? What are you noticing in your meditation? S: I’m…

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Text September 18, 2019

Goblins Q & A

John Tarrant

…notice something other than the demons. I guess I’m just describing what you just described. Stuff starts to rise up, which is such a great gift that I’m not responsible…

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Text October 13, 2011

Moonlight on the Path

John Tarrant

…I’ll say later, but there’s something practical about that, because you notice when you’re drifting to the land of the demons. You notice that – I’m starting to suffer because…

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Text November 13, 2019

The Story of the Well Painting

Allison Atwill

…kind of thing continued all summer long, and this is the point in your meditation where the demons are there. The demons are there. You don’t have any access to…

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Text February 17, 2021

Freely I Watch the Tracks of the Flying Birds

John Tarrant

…doesn’t matter. Either way—it’s as if we’re walking along in a forest path, and creatures rustle and things jump out. Demons come and say, “Boo!” But that’s alright. Demons are…

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Text November 23, 2022
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Audio September 24, 2021
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Audio September 13, 2021

Finding the Self, Forgetting the Self – Drifting Toward the Land of the Rakshasas

John Tarrant

…setting it drifting toward the land of the Rakshasas!” The minister understood. Demons can be overwhelming, or gnawing away at you. A koan can be like annoying dogs, tugging at…

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Video April 1, 2023

Gifts from the Far Ocean

Jesse Cardin

…connect MORE when connection isn’t working. When things break it is a harbinger of the new. We can befriend the demons. What I feel doesn’t have to be wrong. Freak-outs,…

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Text May 8, 2020

Heart Sutra Variations

John Tarrant

…you’ll find that you’re always here; it’s always here. And then even when your demons arise, it’s kind of interesting. The demon’s just something you’ve called a demon; it’s some…

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Audio March 28, 2023

Gifts from the Far Ocean

Jesse Cardin

…connect MORE when connection isn’t working. When things break it is a harbinger of the new. We can befriend the demons. What I feel doesn’t have to be wrong. Freak-outs,…

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Sutra Book & Ceremonies October 29, 2021

Ceremonies: Long Readings for Afternoon: Yongjia Xuanjue’s Song of Enlightenment

PZI Cantor & Musicians

…false views run deep, demons are strong, the Dharma is weak, disturbances abound.   When people hear the Buddha’s doctrine of sudden awakening, if they accept it, the demons will…

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Text September 11, 2020
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Video June 2, 2019
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Article September 8, 2021

Let Me Count the Ways

John Tarrant

…run screaming into the night as if attacked by unseen assailants. Love is an enlightenment story available to everyone, and that story includes being attacked by demons as well as…

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Audio March 1, 2022

Setting the Mind to Rest

John Tarrant

…Jordan McConnell chants the Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani 9 times to ward off danger and to dispel demons. It can’t hurt. The dharanis are not logical in translation, they…

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Dharma Theme April 12, 2023

Dharma Theme: Dragon Teachers & Magical Creatures

PZI Teachers

…of the fabled Buddha’s life, which includes a golden bowl descending to the dragon’s cave [link coming soon] DHARMA THEME: Descent! [link coming soon] DHARMA THEME: Dealing with Demons [link…

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Text January 23, 2023

A Donkey Sees a Well, a Well Sees a Donkey

John Tarrant

…end of my talk. Amaryllis: [sings] Peacefully, humbly, the ship’s stars travel. The grass hunches down to earth. The demons take their rest, and we ask the protectors to smile…

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Text November 30, 2022

Ikkyu’s Well & The Miscellaneous Koans

John Tarrant

demons take their rest, and we call the protectors to smile over us, as the work in darkness goes on until dawn. Amaryllis: [plays violin intro to the Four Vows]…

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Text November 26, 2022
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Text October 8, 2020

17 That Wild Girl Named Pang – The Zenosaurus Course In Koans

John Tarrant

…an early teenager at the time was in battle with one of the demons who beset her world. One afternoon she came running into the kitchen and flung herself down…

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Text September 8, 2022

The Great Collaborators of the Blue Cliff Record

John Tarrant

…hunches down, the demons take their rest. And we ask the protectors to smile over us, as the work in darkness goes on until dawn. Sarah Bender Roshi: [closing words…

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Sutra Book & Ceremonies October 30, 2021

Ceremonies: Blessings: Meal Service & Food Offering

PZI Cantor & Musicians

…at table) All: (chanted, with palms together) All you demons and hungry ghosts, whose desire is never satisfied, take this food, share it with us, be at peace.    …

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