Monika Sosnowska, "Doors" (2003).

Knock On Any Door, Someone Will Answer – with John Tarrant

September 22-23
Maha Bodhi Temple
Santa Fe, NM

Everyone’s personal problem and dream seems small but we are all connected and what we care about is linked to the great issues of our time. Each question is a door.

Before the beginning there was emptiness. The universe had no way to exist, but in spite of this, eventually there were coyotes, red dresses, secrets, trees talking to each other through their roots, people shouting on TV, soccer games, and theories about sex.

These were all like dreams, some of the original emptiness was always in them. To help people understand, journeys and stories, poems and koans appeared. Zen koans are little stories that change us. They lead us through the dark places.

Catul Hayuk figurines. 7000 BC.

Your Friend From the Beginning: A Meditation Retreat with John Tarrant and Friends

October 14-19, 2018
Mt. Madonna Center
Watsonville, CA

“Going or returning, we are in the right place, thinking thoughts without thought, singing and dancing are the voice of the Way.” – Hakuin Ekaku

Meet Hakuin Ekaku, teacher of fishermen and innkeepers, housewives, generals and governors, father of the Zen Koan, opener of closed doors, who makes it clear that awakening is happening now, something you already have, available right here.

The Soul’s Journey, with John Tarrant

August 16-19
Commonweal Center
Bolinas, CA

An Open Mind Retreat.

When we leave our little home in the village, we leave everything we know and it gets dark and the great forces come to meet us. Witches, wizards, guides, demons, ghosts, as well as unlooked-for help and kindness, appear at full speed. We find we need to come to terms with the things we don’t know about the world and ourselves.

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All things return to the one. What does the one return to?
- Zen koan

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