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Baby wombat says welcome to the membership page.

Why Become a Member of PZI?  When you join, it helps, a lot. As a non-profit organization, Pacific Zen Institute needs your financial support to survive. Your membership is the solid foundation of support, the reliable income that lets us keep going. Regular membership contributions from you and all our other members are the way we support our teachers, develop and fund programs, and pay for scholarships, rent, materials and staff. You are how we are able to do everything we do.


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Why else?  This is what you get:

– You will find that becoming a member deepens your practice. When you make a tangible commitment, something good happens, you recognize this is real and it’s about you.

– Members have the opportunity to do regular individual work with PZI teachers, either in person or by phone or email. For more information about working individually with a teacher go here.

– Members are included on the PZI-Talk list, our really interesting online discussion community. This is one of the ways we create a culture for transformation, through lively conversation and sharing of ideas.

– Members get a 10% discount on CD’s and books and certain PZI events and retreats.

– Contributions to PZI are also tax deductible due to us being a 501c3 non-profit organization.

– Your participation make you a part of the development of Zen for our time!

How? You make a regular monthly or quarterly donation or a significant annual gift. A good guideline for membership is 1-2% of your gross income but each person’s disposable income is different and some people live far away but still want to join, so we simply ask that you be generous as you are able. This allows everyone, even starving artists and students, people with fixed or uncertain incomes, and people with resources to spare, to become members of PZI. Your regular contribution makes you a member. Here is a guideline:

Yearly Income Monthly Membership
$25,000 $25
$40,000 $40
$75,000 $75
$120,000 + $120 +


We do enforce very modest minimum requirements for Members. The minimum contribution for a monthly membership is $10, and the minimum annual membership is $120.


For more information or to learn more about how to become a member contact Corey Hitchcock via phone at (707) 544-0540 or via email at

Prefer to make a one-time donation now, and consider membership another time? That’s good too.