Koans and the 12 Steps

Big Book and Blue Cliff

A monthly meditation meeting discovering how 12 Step practice and Koans influence each other.

Moved, for more information about the new location go to Bill Krumbein’s 12 and Zen blog.

Sitting with the 12 steps will deepen their influence upon you, enriching your life of recovery. Applying koans will take you deeper yet, in all aspects of your life; they bring a practicality and usefulness today, just as they did in Lin-Chi’s time (9th century). The format is sitting with a koan for 25 minutes, then opening it up for discussion.

Please go to Bill K’s blog for more info: 12 Steps and Zen Koans »

There is no charge, donations gratefully accepted.

Questions? email Bill Krumbein: billk@sonic.net


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