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old branch on Santa Rosa Creek

Enlightenment Day

An Essay by John Tarrant
December 8th,  by East Asian tradition, is Buddha’s enlightenment day. The story is used as a …

Chris Gaffney Pacific Zen Insitute

Chris and Coyotes in Conversation: Why Become a Member?

Chris Gaffney has been a PZI member for a rather long time now. He’s a Physics professor at CSU Chico …


Amy and the Old Madrone Tree: Why Become a Member?

Amy Robinson does many things, she’s a mother of young kids and a gardener and a social activist and a …

rick narrow

Rik and Openings into Life: Why Become a Member?

Rik Allen sails a boat with his wife Ann in the Virgin Islands. He’s been a captain for 20 years, …


Margaret and the Welcoming World: Why Become a Member?

Margaret Duperly grew up in Jamaica and has lived in the US for 17 years., but her words still have …


Marion and Koans as Everyday Friends: Why Become a Member?

Marion Power is a nurse in Seattle and an intrepid walker all over the world. Here is why she is …


Asa on the Road: Why Become a Member?

Asa Horvitz grew up in Northern California and found out about Pacific Zen Institute from high school friends perhaps 10 …

rebeccca venice

Rebecca and Surprising Sweetness: Why Become a Member?

Rebecca del Rio is a poet and an activist, a mother and a grandmother. She works for the Sonoma courts as …

jesse cardin wide

Jesse is not a Joiner, but… Why Become a Member?

Jesse Cardin arrived at a PZI retreat in Northern California some years ago and found that koans worked well with …


Lee and The World in the Ten Directions: Why Become a Member?

Lee Allen found PZI’s Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center not too long after moving to Santa Rosa from Los Angeles. …


Marika and the Mirror: Why Become a Member?

Marika Ismail is a writer and has worked as a creative writing teacher for kids. She started the poetry group …


Cap’n Jimmy Abides: Why Become a Member?

Jim Snarski is also known as Captain Jimmy because he was a longtime commercial jet pilot and now flies small …

man in wind horiz

Zennotes: A Meditation Blog by Rachel Boughton

Recent post titled “To Self or Not to Self: Stepping off the 100 Foot Pole”
Rachel Boughton teaches at Pacific Zen …

erin reaching for lightbulb

A Beautiful Mistake

Student: I’m reaching for the light. Please help me. Teacher: Forget about the light. Give me the reaching.
—Zen koan
(This article …

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Bolinas Lily

Surprises on the Way: An Article By John Tarrant

The true traveler has no destination and no fixed time of arrival —Laozi
This is the stone, drenched …


Count the Stars in the Sky

Tonight I want to talk about a boring koan– “Count the stars in the sky.” There are some passages in life that …


You Don’t Have to Know: Our Dark Materials

The whole of the ancient, master teachings on suffering come down to this: Suffering is the notion ‘This isn’t it.’
Freedom, …

Stories that Change Us Retreat

Stories that Change Us Retreat

 with John Tarrant in Santa Fe, NM
May 16 – 20, 2012