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Life Is Better When You Are A Part of Us: A Year's-End Letter from John Tarrant

Life Is Better When You Are A Part of Us: A Year’s-End Letter from John Tarrant

Hello friends,
Thank you for being a part of our Pacific Zen world. I’m very grateful to have you for company …

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Simplest Meditation Instructions Ever

New Zennotes Blog Post: Simplest Meditation Instructions Ever
Rachel Boughton teaches at Pacific Zen Institute
(Go here for the Zennotes Blog Site)

Simplest …

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Enlightenment Day

An Essay by John Tarrant
December 8th,  by East Asian tradition, is Buddha’s enlightenment day. The story is used as a …

Chris Gaffney Pacific Zen Insitute

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Amy Robinson does many things, she’s a mother of young kids and a gardener and a social activist and a …

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Rik and Openings into Life: Why Become a Member?

Rik Allen sails a boat with his wife Ann in the Virgin Islands. He’s been a captain for 20 years, …


Margaret and the Welcoming World: Why Become a Member?

Margaret Duperly grew up in Jamaica and has lived in the US for 17 years., but her words still have …


Marion and Koans as Everyday Friends: Why Become a Member?

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Asa on the Road: Why Become a Member?

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Rebecca and Surprising Sweetness: Why Become a Member?

Rebecca del Rio is a poet and an activist, a mother and a grandmother. She works for the Sonoma courts as …