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Toronto Workshops: Solitary Brightness

The Solitary Brightness Series of Koan Workshops consists of five one-day retreats in the Pacific Zen School style. Taken together …

bob jugglin'

Jump In The Pond: Bob Woodburn

Bob Woodburn teaches people in the corporate world to juggle as a way to have them experience their lives in …

Neandertal - Denisovans

Talking With Ancestors: A Day With John Tarrant in Santa Barbara

Autumn nibbles its leaf right from my hand: we’re friends – Paul Celan

Sometimes I remember things without intending to. They …


Mayumi Oda: Teaching + Fundraiser

On September 29th, Mayumi Oda will be giving a talk on “Dynamism of Mushin” – daily practice of no mind. …

flower peace

Stop the War

Rachel Boughton, Sensei, has a new post on the Zennotes blog about the koan, “Stop the War”.
She writes: “Koans build …

bird mirror

Great Autumn Retreat: Stages on the Path through Awakening

with John Tarrant, Roshi and others  October  11-18, Santa Rosa CA

Change is under everything and meditation is a path through …

round chop jt

Thank You Is Red

Donors of our Winter 2013 fundraiser will receive a special, limited-edition chapbook of this poem by John Tarrant, designed by …


John Tarrant: Koans and Dreams

Meditation, John Tarrant Teaching September 15, 2014  Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center 7-9pm (for livestreaming click here)
There’s an undercurrent that carries us …


The World Catches Us Every Time

An article by John Tarrant
Published in the April/May 2014 edition of Shambhala Sun
    Abiding nowhere, the heart comes forth
       - Zen koan
    Distracted …


Article by John Tarrant: Enlightenment Is Something We Do Together

There’s a romantic idea of enlightenment as a solitary and heroic act, but even if you’re off by yourself in …