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Great Autumn Retreat: Stages on the Path through Awakening

with John Tarrant, Roshi and others  October  11-18, Santa Rosa CA

Change is under everything and meditation is a path through …

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Thank You Is Red

Donors of our Winter 2013 fundraiser will receive a special, limited-edition chapbook of this poem by John Tarrant, designed by …

Song Dong - "Water Chop" (Performance)

Poetry & Koans: John Tarrant in Santa Barbara

Sunday August 10, 2014
A gate into the garden—a one day retreat on poetry, zen, koans, a hand-made life, dealing with …


The World Catches Us Every Time

An article by John Tarrant
Published in the April/May 2014 edition of Shambhala Sun
    Abiding nowhere, the heart comes forth
       - Zen koan
    Distracted …


Article by John Tarrant: Enlightenment Is Something We Do Together

There’s a romantic idea of enlightenment as a solitary and heroic act, but even if you’re off by yourself in …


Storehouse of Treasures: Zen Koans at Work

This is a presentation Jesse Cardin made to other professional counsellors at his job at the Wellness Recovery Center where …

Courtesy Flickr user Richard Masoner: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bike/

The World Is Medicine: A Summer Seven Day Retreat

July 13-20 Santa Cruz County, California with John Tarrant
This is a meditation retreat nestled between the ocean and hundreds of …

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Stories That Change You: An Open Mind Retreat on Journeys

with John Tarrant, August 21 – 24 Bolinas, California
This is an Open Mind Retreat about stories and the journeys they …

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Life Is Better When You Are A Part of Us: A Year’s-End Letter from John Tarrant

Hello friends,
Thank you for being a part of our Pacific Zen world. I’m very grateful to have you for company …

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Simplest Meditation Instructions Ever

New Zennotes Blog Post: Simplest Meditation Instructions Ever
Rachel Boughton teaches at Pacific Zen Institute
(Go here for the Zennotes Blog Site)

Simplest …