Rockridge Meditation Community

The Rockridge Meditation Community is the East Bay home of the Pacific Zen Institute. Our mission is to develop a culture for transforming the mind through meditation, koans, conversation, and the arts. We offer a quiet and inviting space for meditation, koan study and conversation.

We gather for open meditation and koan conversation on:

Wednesday Evenings 7 – 9pm
Sundays 9:30am – 12pm
(On Sunday, you are always welcome to arrive any time after the first meditation set which begins at 9:30am. Someone will be at the door to guide you in.)

One Sunday afternoon per month, David Weinstein Roshi also teaches a free class: Introduction to Koan Practice. “The benefit of koan practice is now accessible to a wider range of people,” says David. “Koan practice begins a conversation between you and a koan, between you and other practitioners, and most importantly, deepens a conversation between you and yourself. This class is an opportunity to get a taste of what that practice is a chance to ask questions, meditate a bit and have a conversation.”

Please see our web site for a complete schedule of events:

5463 College Avenue
Oakland, Ca 94618

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