Pacific Zen Center oversees seven zendos, mostly in the Bay Area of Northern California. Our community also supports ten Koan Small Groups, in Washington, Virginia, Oregon, Arizona, and online. In New Mexico, the Awakened Life meditation community continues our teaching lineage.

If you’re far afield from a regular practice center, don’t dismay. A substantial part of our community collects together primarily at our long retreats, and we maintain our practice together through an active online conversation: our members -only listserv. (Become a member to participate in the conversation.)

Bay Area

San Francisco: Wind-in-Grass Sangha
Oakland: Rockridge Meditation Community
San Mateo: Portola Camp Zendo
Santa Rosa: Santa Rosa Creek Zendo

The West

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Awakened Life (*not a direct part of PZI)



Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center

This is the original location of Pacific Zen Institute. PZI Director John Tarrant, Roshi teaches here here on the first Monday of each month. For a schedule and lots more information go to www.santarosazen.org

The Monday evening program at Pacific Zen Institute’s Santa Rosa Zen Center includes zen meditation, a dharma talk, tea, discussion and a short sutra service. Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary. We meet Monday evenings from 7-9pm — please arrive by 6:50pm to get settled. Our speakers include Pacific Zen Institute director, John Tarrant, Roshi, who is the speaker on the first Monday of each month, as well others, including Jon Joseph, Jacqueline Kramer, Rachel Boughton, and David Parks-Ramage.

Sunday Mornings at the Creek: Sunday mornings at Santa RosaCreek Zen Center begin at 10:30am and feature egrets on the creek and morning light through the big windows as well as meditation with a koan, a short talk, conversation, tea and a bit of something to eat. It’s companionable and open to anyone.

Once a month on the 4th Sunday of the month there is a half day meditation with Jon Joseph from 9am to 2pm. Practice conversations with Jon are available. It’s free and open to everyone, bring a lunch.

If you would like meditation instruction, there is a free introductory class on the first Monday of each month at 6pm or email Rachel Boughton at santarosazen@gmail.com for individual instruction.


Location: 825 Sonoma Avenue, Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95404-4746

Call 707.544.0540

To get to our space you enter the front door and go down half a flight of stairs to Suite B. The Creek is in the back.


Portola Camp Zendo

JJPortola Camp Zendo is a welcoming group of mostly Silicon Valley and San Francisco professionals, home makers, craftsmen and students, joined together to practice Zen. It is led by Jon Joseph, Roshi.



Web Site: www.sanmateozen.org

100 N. Ellsworth St. (at Tilton in the Masonic Hall)
San Mateo, CA 94401

415 608-8460



The Rockridge Meditation Community

The Rockridge Meditation Community is the East Bay home of the Pacific Zen Institute. Our mission is to develop a culture for transforming the mind through meditation, koans, conversation, and the arts. We offer a quiet and inviting space for meditation, Koan study and conversation.

We gather at the center every Monday evening at 7:00 PM and every Sunday morning at 10:30 AM.

Please see our web site for a complete schedule of events:


5463 College Avenue
Oakland, Ca 94618

Contact Us


Santa Barbara, CA

Allison AtwillCoral Moon Zen

Group Leader: Allison Atwill, Roshi

When we meet: Thursdays 7-9pm. Four koan series- spring, summer, fall, winter- are offered  each year.

Where we meet: In a private home in Montecito. 

The ancient wisdom of Zen koans tells how to make room in your life for the unaccountable. You don’t have to worry your way through a predicament; it is more like when you hear music and your body just dances. Koans are a great treasure that anyone can bring to life. They can show you how to be at home in the universe, including your own life. 

All are welcome.

Contact: Allison Atwill by phone (805) 969-1562 or email: allisonkoanzen@gmail.com


San Francisco Wind-In-Grass Sangha


Potrero Hill, San Francisco

The Wind-in-Grass Sangha is a Pacific Zen Institute Zen community coming together in Potrero Hill every Wednesday to practice together and thereby enjoy the benefit of each others’ guidance, strength, sincerity and dedication.

We offer instructions in meditation that reveal a freedom around our suffering, encouragement and support in taking the next step, or fall, in deepening your practice (and next), help in expanding that awareness to include more and more of our daily lives and the opportunity to participate in charitable acts that make SF a kinder and more beautiful place. We welcome everyone, without exception, and regardless of your level of experience or interest.

Practice Times:

Regular meetings every Wednesday, 7 – 8:30pm

  • 1st Wednesday: Senior Dharma student Chris Wilson leads the group in an intimate koan discussion.
  • 2nd Wednesday: Practice leader Michael Kallus referees the group in a Zen Game.
  • 3rd Wednesday: Zen Teacher David Weinstein teaches the group.
  • 4th Wednesday: Community night and Zen Game. Bring your curious friends, significant others, children, etc. There will be an in depth beginning instruction, an intentionally unstructured Zen Game to play, tea and food, and after practice, we go to Blooms or Farley’s together for a drink of some sort.
  • 5th Wednesday: We play another Zen Game.

Visit the Wind-In-Grass Sangha website.


824B Carolina St. #6
San Francisco, CA
Call: 415.902.8914

Beware the directions from MapQuest and Google. Check the Wind-In-Grass website for better directions.

email: warnerkallus@hotmail.com
website: www.sanfranciscozen.org